Tuna Egg Salad Sushi Rolls

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Gotta start out by saying thanks to Karina Leal for the inspiration to make this lunch for my girls. Never bothered to try tuna with them before and I thought it was finally high time. No idea whether they will like it or not, but here goes nuthin'! :)

My Epicurean Adventures: Tuna Egg Salad Rolls in @Easylunchboxes

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In this lunch:
  1. Egg Tuna Salad Rolls ;)
  2. Greek Yogurt with a touch of sprinkles
  3. Organic carrot sticks w/ Marie's Ranch Dressing on the side
  4. Raspberries and cantaloupe
  5. Homemade Cheese Its
Ok, last minute, I chickened out a little bit and gave 'em each only one skewer of the tuna salad rolls, just in case. The second skewer was a safer turkey, cheese and spinach roll up, much like the ones I made here: Sushi Roll Sandwiches. This also gives you the general idea of how to make these along with your favorite tuna salad recipe, or you can try mine below!

This tuna salad is a spin-off of a previous post: Sharon's Zesty Tuna Egg Salad Recipe and was made using 1 can of tuna, 1 boiled egg, diced shredded carrots, diced kale, mayo and a dash of salt and pepper. :)

Update: I have after pix to add! :)

Little Sis polished off her lunch. I'll say it was a success! While Big Sis ate her turkey and cheese rolls but claimed "she didn't have time to eat the other one". haha! We'll try again w/ Big Sis, but I'm still pretty happy w/ these here sights. :)

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