Lunch Box Fun 2015-16: Week #22

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Well, I tried to keep last week's lunch box ideas more fun and interesting than the last one and I think I did a decent job of it. :) Each of these lunches took about 10 mins or so to make. Some a little more, some a little less but quick and easy for the most part. 'Cause that's what I like - quick and easy. :)

Lunch box ideas, school lunch ideas, lunches

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1. The first lunch of the week actually took place on a Tuesday because we had a snow day here in NC. Actually, it was more like a freezing rain day with some slush. We still got to go out and have a quick "slush ball fight", though! Little Sis requested her week to start off with her favorite pasta, bacon and parmesan cheese with butter. She also got some strawberreis, carrots with ranch, a little beef jerky for added protein, cheese puffs and some Dove chocolates. :)

Lunch box ideas, school lunch ideas, lunches, pasta

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2. Here's that bagel and cream cheese sandwich rearing it's much requested head! Served with cantaloupe (using a our new Pick Ease toothpicks that were sent to us to try), Pringles Sour cream chips, carrots and sugar snap peas, cheese and crackers and a nut-free heart cookie that Little Sis's friend brought it to celebrate her birthday. She was so grateful that her friend had thought of her by bringing in nut-free treat.

Lunch box ideas, school lunch ideas, lunches, bagel sandwich lunch

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3. Meatball sub for mama! Yup, this one is mine. Packed myself a lunch on a day I was out running errands over lunch time. In an effort to save a little money and eat healthier, I decided to pack myself a meatball sub sandwich on a hot dog bun using some leftover meatballs from a huge batch I had made using my Slow Cooker Meatballs recipe with Ragu Sauce. They were DELICIOUS along with grape tomatoes, carrots and sugar snap peas, which provided the perfect crunch!

Lunch box ideas, school lunch ideas, lunches, meatball sub lunch

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4. Mini pizzas, kiwi, grape tomatoes, cheese puffs and a protein bar.

Lunch box ideas, school lunch ideas, lunches, mini pizzas

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 5. Pizza lunchables on whole wheat english muffin with shredded mozzarella, Ragu sauce, mushrooms, strawberries, carrots & sugar snap peas with ranch, a handful of doritos and some popcorn. I was told that I needed to pack more food. :)

 Lunch box ideas, school lunch ideas, lunches, pizza lunchables

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