Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

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My girls love cinnamon rolls and request them often. Sometimes, I buy Trader Joe's Cinnamon Rolls in a can but prefer to make homemade ones whenever possible. I used to use a quick and easy recipe from my Bisquick mini-cookbook but that went out there door when I just quit buying Bisquick. Never used it often enough and would almost always expire before I used it up. Plus, I wanted to make as much from scratch as possible. I recently discovered these Cooking Classy's 45 minute Cinnamon Rolls when searching for a quick, easy substitute recipe that didn't require yeast and rising dough. :) I've made it twice and each time it's been a huge hit w/ the girls and the hubby. They're pretty easy to make (albeit messy) and great re-heated, too!

You can follow the recipe to a T and it turns out great. But of course, I have to mess with it just a little bit to make it a little bit more wholesome, so here's what I did:
  1. Substituted half the flour with whole wheat white flour.
  2. Added 2 Tbsp flax seed and 2 tbsp wheat germ to the cinnamon sugar mixture and ended up using only about 2/3 of the total sugar mixture because using it all is just overkill in my opinion. So, actually just cut down all the ingredients accordingly to make less.
  3. Since my girls aren't crazy about cream cheese frostings, I just used the standard powdered sugar glaze of: 1/2 powdered sugar and 2 Tbsp heavy cream.
  4. Used all organic ingredients to make these Organic Wholesome Cinnamon Rolls
The girls never even noticed the difference and gobbled them up just the same. :)

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And the Valentine's Day 2014 version, in honor of today! To make these, just roll them up from each end until they meet in the middle. Simple as that! :)

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1 comment:

Keitha said...

These cinnamon rolls look absolutely delicious!!! Thanks for sharing your recipe.