8 Super Easy Sandwichy Ideas for Lunch

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I pack lunch an average of about 3 times a week for each my 2 girls. Even though it's not every day, it still gets old! Plus, I am not motivated enough to pack lunches the night before, so what I pack in the morning always ends up being fast and easy. Typically 10 minutes or less for 2 lunches. That's not too bad, right?

Here are 8 really quick, really easy "sandwichy" lunches that I end up packing quite a bit. "Sandwiches are boring" my girls tell me quite often, but they don't seem to mind any of these variations. All it takes is a little change up of the bread and poof! it's not boring any more. Silly gooses, they're still sandwiches but they always gobble these right up!

Here's a closer look at each one with a link to the original post for more details. I'll start with the top left corner and then go clockwise:

1. Flat Sandwich Rounds helped make St. Patrick's Day a little yummier this year with bacon, egg and cheese.

2. Pizza Lunchables are a fave of Big Sis and she requests them quite often which makes me laugh because cold pizza lunchables just don't do it for me, but I have no problem making this since these lunches are about as easy as they come! And they always come back empty.

3. Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches - a special treat since we don't always have croissants on-hand. So when I happen across safe (nut-free) croissants, you bet I'm all over it!

4. Cheese and Cracker "Lunchables" - tried and true, these show up in our lunches like ALL the time! It helps that these are THE EASIEST to make. And always look fun.

5. BLT Sliders - Little Sis recently discovered her love of BLTs and loves them for lunch now.

6. Mini Hot Dog Bun Subs - for Big Sis, the lover sub sandwiches. This one is the perfect size and not too bready at all!

7. Mini Bagel Breakfast Sandwich with egg, bacon and muenster cheese for Little Sis who is a sucker for breakfast sandwiches :)

8. Sandwiches on Sticks - now this one cracks me up since they are like exactly a regular sandwich but cut up! Sticks make everything more fun, no? :)

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