Frightful Fall Hop

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Thank goodness for the Bento Bloggers and Friends' Frightful Fall Blog Hop to inspire me to finally make my first Halloween lunch of the season! Don't know what took me so long because I certainly had fun makin' this one, especially since I got to try out a couple new toys: the versatile and really nifty CuteZcute Mini Pocket Sandwich Maker and Egg Mold Kit - Animal Palz (see affiliate link below to get one of your very own!) and this way cool cupcake spider stand. Woo hoo! Of course I had to include the cute little pumpkins the girls got with my parents at Trader Joe's the other day. They took a Sharpie to them and had some fun. :)

So without further ado, here it is!

My Epicurean Adventures: Halloween Hop 2013 #easylunchboxes

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In this lunch:
  1. Bat Sandwich with Applegate Ham, Muenster Cheese and Genoa Salami on Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  2. Hard Boiled Vampire Bat Egg (using the new CuteZcute Mini Pocket Sandwich Maker and Egg Mold Kit - Animal Palz)
  3. Utz Halloween Pretzels - Made in a Nut-Free Facility - woo hoo!
  4. Carrot Chips and a Sugar Snap Pea from Trader Joe's
  5. Fresh Organic Raspberries
  6. Fage 2% Yogurt with Wilton's Spider Sprinkles
  7. Chocolate Mousse Filled Spider Cupcake - to be eaten when they get home from school :)
  8. Organic Valley Milk Box
FYI: this is the first molded hard-boiled egg I've ever made and I can't believe how easy it was using my new toy! And look how awesome it turned out (if I do say so myself - hahaha!) :)

Here's a close-up of that spider cupcake. Bought the cupcake stand on clearance at Target last year. Yeah!

My Epicurean Adventures: Spider Cupcake

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and a glimpse of what the INSIDE of that cupcake looks like because I just have to. :)

Now it's time to hop on through to the truly amazing Keeley McGuire who is always full of allergy-friendly fun and delicious ideas! Can't wait to see what spooooooky fun she has concocted for Little Miss! Click on the button below to see!

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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eclecticlamb said...

Such a cute lunch! Love the bats and pumpkins!

Rebecca W said...

I'm just batty for this lunch!!

Sarah Denton said...

Your bat came out perfectly and that cupcake looks yummy!

Michelle | Creative Food said...

Love your spider cupcake! And the lunch is so cute! :)

Becky said...

You may be going batty. And that spider cupcake looks delicious.

Scarlett @Scarletts Excellent Adventures said...

Love your Halloween bento! I LOVE the Halloween pretzels! I may have to look for them!

Scarlett @Scarletts Excellent Adventures said...

Love your spider cupcake & stand too. They look delicious!

Keeley McGuire said...

Super cute & fun!!

bentodays said...

Love the spider cupcake!

Eileen Shows said...

So cute! That cupcake looks delicious. Great job!

Keitha said...

Everything looks so cute and yummy! Love the way photographed it with the lunch surrounded by extra Halloweeny stuff.

Erin Walker said...

Love that spider cupcake! Sooooo cute!

kw bentodiary said... the spider cupcake!

Sarah Paterson-Farrand said...

Ooh, looks fang-tastic!! Now I want a cupcake!

Loving Lunches said...

Love the spider cake!

Dina Berlo said...

So cute!

Mamabelly said...

Adorable! Love the spider cupcake, too!

Ming Bentomonsters said...

Such a cute lunch, love the spider cupcake too. :)

ohbentouk said...

Adorable! It all looks great!!!

Beau said...

My favorite is the snap pea and carrot, but the whole thing turned out great

JeeJee Bento said...

everything is soooooo cute :)

Liezl @ LovePeaceBento said...

You had me at cupcake!! i love all the little Halloween awesomeness going on in this lunch!

Rachel @ Following In My Shoes said...

I love it! And, my I please have that cupcake?