Kale Pasta Salad

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Though I love to cook, I really don't like to watch cooking shows, but somehow my aunt got interested in The Pioneer Woman and now I occasionally watch it when I actually sit down to eat lunch. I love Ree Drummond's recipes and am always inspired to cook (and even clean/organize my home) after watching an episode. Just the other day, I saw an episode where she made Kale-Pasta Mason Jar Salad and was really excited about trying it out, sans the mason jar. As cute as it looks in there, I just can't see enjoying eating a salad out of one. Plus there's no way I'll send them to school! lol. Here's my version, made with Red Lentil Bean pasta from Trader Joe's (gluten-free AND very high in protein because it's made from, you got it, red lentil bean flour - thanks for the tip, Janeanne!). I also added some sauteed chicken thighs seasoned with salt and pepper. It was DELICIOUS!!

Kale Pasta Salad Lunches: Super healthy AND delicious! Great for kids and grown-ups alike, too!

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I decided to go out on a limb this morning and packed the girls this pasta salad for lunch. I warned them ahead of time and told them to expect something different and new. Big Sis was good with it as was Little Sis. Little Sis saw what it was ahead of time and said it not only looked good, it smelled delicious. Definitely a good sign. :)

So here's Big Sis' Lunch, complete with the homemade granola bar they never seem to get tired of and a package of applesauce and fruit snacks.

Kale Pasta Salad Lunches: Super healthy AND delicious! Great for kids and grown-ups alike, too!

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Little Sis' came with strawberries, a Fuji apple and a cookie in addition to the granola bar.

Kale Pasta Salad Lunches: Super healthy AND delicious! Great for kids and grown-ups alike, too!

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I'm super happy to report that both girls really liked it!

Big Sis had a make up test during lunch and the poor thing didn't eat a thing at school today. :( So when she came home, she was STARVING. I made her a new batch of this and she gobbled it up! Well... except she picked out some of the kale, which is not too surprising since it was a little bitter. Next time, I'm using spinach! While she was eating, she remarked, "I don't know if it's because I'm sooooo hungry, but this pasta salad is delicious!" lol.

Little Sis' came home gobbled too, but she picked out the tomatoes, which DID surprise me. She said they were too juicy. lol. Next time, I'll just cut them in half. She did complain that hers leaked in her bag, so next time I may need to use a different lunch container. Easylunchboxes by design aren't leakproof so if carried upright, it's fine. Unfortunately, neither of their lunches are carried upright. haha. Big Sis' didn't have a problem though... oh well. Still a big win in my book!

An I have to add that last night, Little Sis asked me "Mommy, can you pack something new and interesting again for lunch tomorrow??!!?" Hee hee. Sadly, she just got a boring ol' sandwich today. lol.

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Jenna said...

That granola looks yummy.

Christine Yoon-Taylor said...

It's rather delicious and dangerous to have around... I find them hard to resist myself. lol. Thanks for stopping by, Jenna! :)