Happy 8th Birthday, Little Sis!

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Happy 8th Birthday, Little Sis! You are growing up waaaaay too quickly. I've never been a sappy sort, but lately, when baby pictures stream across on our screen saver, often times it gets me a little teary eyed. What happened to the sweet little babies we used to cuddle in our arms?

I know, they're growing up into lovely young ladies. And I've come to realize that instead of pining for the past, I need to focus on the present, because they are still littler than they will be next month or next year and 5 years from now. THEN, I'll be missing what I have here and now. So I keep reminding myself that they are still little and give them as many hugs and kisses as possible, while their cheeks are still soft and chubby and oh so yummy (and while they'll still let me, of course)! :)

Little Sis at the age of 8 has a heart of gold and is quick to share that sweet smile of hers. She's a hard worker both at school, piano, soccer and home. She's kind, thoughtful and easy going - NORMALLY... but lately she's been rather feisty and not putting up with any crap from her Big Sis (or anyone else for that matter) anymore, which is good for her and bad for the family. lol! Oh, and she's a giant. Nearly the size of her Big Sis who is 3 years older and not a shortie herself, so we'd all better watch out! :)

Here's the birthday girl, who got up early this morning to play American Girls with her sis, on a happy birthday call first thing in the morning from Nana and her cousins - what a way to start off the day!

Her breakfast as requested, on her very special plate.

In this breakfast:
  1. Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
  2. Fuji apple slices
  3. Grits topped with cheese and bacon
  4. Homemade chocolate milk
And LUNCH! :) Now it wasn't my intention to send her to school with a gag birthday lunch, but when I started to make the lunch she requested (so much for planning ahead), I realized that we were out of both cheese AND salami. And no cupcake to boot! DOH! I asked her if I could just bring it into school with me when I went to have lunch with her, but she insisted that she wanted to take what she could of her lunch and that I could just bring in the rest. Well, I wasn't crazy about the idea either, so I decided to just trick her and packed her this lunch instead. :) One thought did kept going through my mind though... "You'd BETTER not be late for lunch!" haha.

And the lunch I took in for her:

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In this lunch:
  1. Trader Joe's Golden Rounds with Boar's Head Muenster Cheese and Hard Salami
  2. Strawberries
  3. Maplehurst Bakeries Peanut-Free Cupcakes
  4. Keebler Club & Cheddar Crackers
Yes, I know, I doubled up on the cheese and crackers this lunch, but Little Sis has been asking me for weeks to buy "some of those crackers with cheese that don't have nuts in them that I love" and what better day for it than her birthday. 

Here are some pictures from lunch today. I'm happy to report that I was NOT late! Yay!! And I just loved hearing her say, "Moooooommmy! Where's my real food lunch?!?!?" all the while giggling w/ her friends.

And looky look at who stopped by to wish her Little Sis a happy birthday? I will really miss them being at the same school next year as Big Sis moves on up to Middle School.

Lastly, here's the homemade cookie cake she requested for her birthday. They're always fun and easy to make. Big Sis helped decorate it!

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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eclecticlamb said...

Love the gag lunch and the real lunch! Glad that everything worked out well. I also enjoy preparing special meals for loved ones on their birthday.