Weekend Beach Trip Snacks

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We are heading out to the beach for a fun weekend with friends. Breakfast is included with our rooms and we plan on eating out for dinners so that only leaves one lunch which we decided to bring ourselves. Our friends are bringing chicken salad and we are bringing lunch meat and bread. :)

Just because we r on vacation doesn't mean we have to eat totally unhealthy so here's some salad I chopped up for the weekend. Has spinach, broccoli slaw, carrots and grape tomatoes. Also brought some  cranberries and sunflower seeds to sprinkle on top .

Here are the girls' car snacks. Filling them up a the good stuff before we eat out.

My Epicurean Adventures: Weekend Beach Trip Snacks @Easylunchboxes

In this snack:
  1. Stacy's Multi-grain Pita Chips to be eaten a Sabra Classic Hummus
  2. Cascadian Farms Organic Edamame
  3. Organic carrot sticks
And the ever so fun packing part. This isn't all of it, though I wish it were! At least it's less than our 2 week trip out west! ;)

And finally the eating in the car pictures.

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And how awesome is this? I wrote this entire post in the car on my new HTC One phone. :) Not only does it take awesome pics, it doesn't crap out on me when I do stuff like this! Yay!

And I may very well continue to add to this post as the weekend progresses, being sure to take full advantage of this fancy new technology. ;)

Here's more:

My lunch: my salad meets Glen's broccoli salad. Mmmmmm.

The girls' lunch:

And dessert - Caramel Pretzel Bars:

Finally, some of the sights from the day.

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