Pizza Lunchables using HOMEMADE Pizza Dough

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I was at school having lunch with Little Sis last week when I noticed one of her schoolmates had brought in one of those Oscar Meyer Pizza Lunchables (no comment). Even though I've made tons of Homemade Pizza Lunchables Using Flat Bread Rounds for my girls who've loved them every time, they still occasionally pine for the store-bought ones and I can see why... those little pizza rounds are so cute! So that's when I decided I was going to try to make some myself. I used Yumbox's Mini Pizzas Recipe, my new favorite pizza dough recipe, to make these cute little rounds, using some cute cookie cutters. I made these goodies according to the recipe, baked them and then stuck 'em in the freezer for future use. This morning I pulled some out the freezer and stuck 'em in their lunchboxes. They are perfectly thawed by lunchtime (even sooner).

Whaddya think?

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In this lunch:
  1. Homemade Pizza Rounds with Muir Glen's Organic Pizza Sauce and Trader Joe's Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  2. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffing adapted from MOMables' Blueberry Muffins Recipe
  3. Hershey's Kiss
  4. Cutie for Little Sis and Peeled Snacks' BerryClusters for Big Sis
  5. Smartfood Cheddar Cheese Popcorn in my Blue Avocado Bag

And all their lunch gear. Look, minus the foil on the Hershey's Kisses, this is a completely trash-free lunch!

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And it all fits, perfectly. :)


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MOMables - for sharing so many delicious and healthy recipes with us!

Peeled Snacks for a healthy fresh fruit alternative (for Big Sis)

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2 comments: said...

This looks amazing. I never would think to make a pizza dough like this.

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks so much, Indiana! It was a fun little twist to pizza dough and the girls really enjoyed it. :)