Thanksgiving Dinner Favorites

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Thanksgiving is coming! It's one of my most favorite holidays for many reasons: It's a time to get together with wonderful family, which seems harder and harder to do as kids get older. It's that time when the air gets crisp and you can just feel the excitement of the holidays approaching. It's the time to cook up a storm and stuff myself with some of my most favorite foods of all. It's the time to watch football, go Black Friday shopping, jump in crunchy leaves or simply hanging out around the kitchen, cooking, eating and chatting with family, which I'm pretty sure that is my favorite part of all. It's a time when I'm extra grateful for all the wonderful people that surround me and bring so much happiness to my life. And it's a time for sharing and caring a little extra.

Speaking of sharing, here are some of my all-time favorite Thanksgiving dishes that have shown up in my kitchen for the past many, many years. People often ask me for the recipes, so now I can just send them one link! :) And please excuse the not-so-great pictures, but it's hard to take decent ones when everyone's ready to dig in, not to mention the lack of natural lighting by dinner time! lol. But don't let my crappy pictures stop you from trying some of these yourself!

Most of these recipes are pretty simple and don't require too much work (minus all the chopping you need to do for the cranberry sauce - but it's SO worth it I tell ya!). The ones that require a little more work, like the cranberry sauce and the apple pie, can be made a day or two ahead in advance and refrigerated until turkey day. The cranberry sauce can even be made a month ahead and frozen until the day before. You can't tell one bit!

Lastly, this is NOT a complete dinner, ie, no turkey recipe! Or stuffing for that matter. Maybe this year I'll get around to posting my stuffing. If/when I do, I'll just add it here. This post will be my collector of all foods Thanksgiving. And I will also try to update it better pictures, IF I can ever capture them! :) Until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time w/ family, friends and food!

1. Sweet Potato Casserole - This is one from one of the first Thanksgiving my hubby and I ever hosted. Neither of us are into the kind with marshmallows, but we LOVE sweet potatoes! This one is sweet but not toooo sweet. The corn flake topping is icing on the cake.

2. Cranberry Sauce Extraordinaire - Growing up, my family and I loved Ocean Spray's cranberry sauce from a can and it was always a must a Thanksgiving dinner. We used to crack up when my brother ever so carefully removed it in one piece from the can and served it whole on a plate. One Thanksgiving, I ran across this recipe and I was intrigued. Never even thought of making my own, but once I tried this one, there was no going back.

3. Cauliflower Cheese Casserole - This one has been very popular on Pinterest lately and I can see why - bacon and cheese make anything delicious! My kids actually like this so be sure to give it a try!

4.  Corn Casserole - My sister-in-law Lisa brought this to a Thanksgiving dinner we hosted a few years back and it was absolutely DELICIOUS and so incredibly easy to make. Doesn't look like much in the pic, but it has become one of my favorite sides.

5. Green Bean Casserole - It's right off the can of French's Fried Onions, but it's SOOOO good. I try to use organic mushroom soup and green beans and usually double or even triple the recipe for dinner of 12-20 and it's almost always the first to go. Even the kids love it, so I have to include it here. :)

6. Pumpkin Pie - Another one, right off the can. This one from Libby's. It's tried, it's true, it's simple and delicious and will always be a part of our Thanksgiving dinner. :)

7. Caramel Glazed Apple Pie - Easy. Yummy. Need I say more?

8. Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie - SO easy. SO good. Don't make this much anymore because of my girls' nut allergies, but oh do we long for this pecan pie.

And whaddya think about my turkey art? lol. Probably not the most pinterest-grabbing button, but I sure had fun with it. lol. Hand-made every last bit of this using various shapes, so it took a while!

Thanks so much for stopping by and please feel free to make my day by leaving me a comment, joining my blog in the top right corner or liking my on Facebook at MyEpicureanAdventures - the more the merrier! :)

Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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