1st Day of School Lunches 2015

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Here we are, in the beginning of July and the girls are headed back to school after a whopping 1 week break! That's because we go to a year-round school where school operates on an 11-month calendar. We are IN school for 9 weeks and OUT on break for 3 weeks throughout the year. Each year-round school has 4 tracks and each track is staggered by 3 weeks so one track is always "OUT" while 3 tracks are "IN". This helps alleviate overcrowding of schools due to the large population growth this area has seen for many years upon years by allowing each school to accommodate about 33% more students than a traditional calendar school. And let me tell ya, it's not for everyone, but we absolutely LOVE it!

So, yes, my girls are back at it. And this is a big year for us as Big Sis off to MIDDLE SCHOOL for 6th grade while Little Sis starts 3rd grade. Time does go by quickly when you're having fun.

Here's Big Sis' 1st day of Middle School lunch. Nothing out of the ordinary except I added some more picks to her sandwich than usual and included a little hand-written note using my LoveboxLove note cards.

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In this lunch:
  1. Ham, pepperoni, cheese and lettuce sandwich with mayo
  2. Fancy Pants Bakeries' nut-free chocolate chip cookies on a bed of
  3. Goldfish crackers
  4. Carrots with ranch dressing
  5. Organic French Vanilla yogurt with some dark chocolate sprinkles
  6. Clif Bar Kids protein bar
Happy first day of 6th grade, Big Sis!! I was only able to snap up this quick indoor blah lighting pic with all the frenzy of an hour earlier start for her, but we made it! And I was able to hold it together thanks to carpooling with a buddy of hers and her parents. :)

And here's Little Sis' lunch, with her favorite BLT and a sweet, yummy juicy plum instead of apple sauce.

Happy first day of 3rd grade, Little Sis! Do you like my last-second pic of her just as she's about to de-car in carpool? That's just how I roll. Lol.
p.s. just doesn't seem right w/o her big sis. :(

and just to make myself feel better, here they are, side by side, they way they should be. lol.

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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