April Fool's Snack

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Girls had planned on buying school lunches today, so I didn't bother w/ any kind of special lunch. But as I was packing the girls' snacks this morning, I just couldn't resist, because I know how they love being tricked. :) So I wrote them each a little note and quickly threw this together:

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In this snacks:
  1. Goldfish in their yummi pouches
  2. Little Debbies in the juicy fruit gum containers
  3. baby cut carrots in the Little Bites and Freeze Dried Apple pouches
Even though it wasn't much, the girls were still so tickled when I picked them up from school. They laughed about the note: "I'm NOT Bob!!" which sealed the deal that something was off since I would never pack them GUM for SCHOOL!!! :) 

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Stephen Joseph lunch boxes:

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