Big Sis' 10th (really belated) B'day Lunch

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Big Sis is home sick today and for whatever reason, this reminded me that I never got my post up for Big Sis' 10th Bday! Well, here it is, only 2 months late. :) Watch out because Little Sis' Minecraft Birthday post, which occurred 22 days prior to this one, still has yet to be written up. lol!

So without further ado, here's Big Sis: Tenderhearted, sharp as a tack and stubborn as hell - this one keeps us on our toes. :) She also fills our house with sweet music, our little songbird. She maybe 10 but she'll forever be my little Sammy girl. Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie!

Here day started off with a special breakfast, all of her own choosing:

Here's a close-up of those Cinnamon Rolls!

And her birthday lunch, of course! The cinnamon roll rears it's lovely head once more. What the hey, it's her birthday!

My Epicurean Adventures: Big Sis' 10th Birthday Lunch @Easylunchboxes

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In this lunch:
  1. French bread Pizzas using whole wheat demi baguettes, Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce, Trader Joe's Shredded Mexican Pizza and Applegate Pepperoni
  2. Canned Carrots
  3. Homemade Cinnamon Roll
This year for her birthday party, Big Sis wanted to have it at a local roller skating rink Jellybeans. It's so easy and a lot of fun. In the birthday package, they provide a birthday cake, but as most grocery-bought cakes, there's always that fear of tree-nut/peanut contamination, so I made one just for the birthday girl, her Little Sis and her good friend who also has tree nut allergies. But i made sure to make it just the like cake Jellybeans was already providing (marble w/ white frosting) so everyone's cake was (mostly) the same. :)

This one was made using my go-to cupcake recipe:Pastry Affair's Vanilla Cupcakes, but reserved 3/4 cup of batter, mixed in 2 Tbsps cocoa powder to make the chocolate batter, mixed well and swirled it into the resto of the batter. Voila! DE-licious!!

Here's the birthday girl but nothing but big smiles.

and lastly, the birthday circle at the end of her bday party. She had to share it w/ 2 other kids - lol!

A good time was had by all! :)

EasyLunchBoxes - love my ELB's!!

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