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With the start of the new year, I've decided to push the limits and try new things. Getting weary of always making the same ol' stuff, it was time to start changing things up a bit. One of the first new dishes I tried was Taquitos!

Found Le Creme de la Crumb's Slow Cooker Jalapeno Popper Chicken Taquitos recipe on Pinterest and pinned it to my Yummy Stuff - Crock Pot Recipes board. Threw all the ingredients into the crock pot in the morning and come afternoon, my filling was ready. The only changes to the recipe I made were to reduce the amount of garlic powder to 3/4 tsp and cumin to 1/2 tsp. If ever there's a sure-fire way to ruin a recipe in my book, it's to put in too much cumin. Oh I also reduced the jalapeno to 2 Tbsp since I wanted to ensure the girls would be able to eat it.

Assembling the taquitos was easy. I used large flour tortillas and cut them in half because I didn't want my taquitos to be too "bready". Cutting them in half gave them the perfect amount of tortilla crunch.

I baked them according to the recipe and out popped the most delicious crunchy "finger foods" ever.

Big Sis came home from school first and ate these for her "early bird special" while I went to go get Little Sis from school. On my way home, I totally pumped these babies up. "Guess what we're having for dinner?" "What?" "TAQUITOS!" And I repeated it over and over as crazy as I could scream and yell them out. (it was really fun). Little Sis couldn't stop laughing and laughing and yelling them with me, until she settled down and asked more seriously: "No, really, what are they?" I told her they were little rolled up baby burrito/tacos and then she looked at me and said, "Really? That's it? All that build up for little burritos?!??!" LOL!!

Well, when she got home, she said they lived up to the build up and proceeded to annoy her Big Sis by TAQUITOing all over the place. :)

In the end, both girls enjoyed them, eating 'em like pretzel sticks and occasionally dipping them into stuff. But you know who seemed to love them the most? My hubby. Every time he had them for a meal, he couldn't help but say, "Man, these things are SOOOO GOOOOOOOD!"

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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