Girls' Bathroom Organizing

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My "Easier-to-clean" Girls' Bathroom Makeover. Not that earth-shattering but it's making me less grumpy to have to clean their bathroom. lol.

Let it be known that I hate house cleaning and my least favorite chore is cleaning the girls' bathroom. I don't mind our master bath nor the 1/2 bath as much, probably because we don't get toothpaste all over the place like one particular child seems to do! Plus, all the crap I have to pick up off the counters to clean just drives me crazy... which is why I decided the girls' bathroom needed a little makeover. Not one for beautification, but for ease-of-cleaning. It got an "Easier-to-clean" makeover. haha.

With this suction caddy I bought from Target, the majority of their "stuffs" now hover over the counter space which means there's a LOT LESS STUFF to have to mess with to get the counters clean. I did go out on a limb and got this little rotating caddy to hold some essentials like reusable bathroom cups (see: my reduce/reuse/recycle post), q-tips and hair thingies to place on the counter, though. I don't mind having to move a FEW things. I'm not THAT lazy. :)

This particular caddy seems to only be available in store, but here's a similar one, from the same manufacturer using the same awesome PowerLock suction cups:

And a VERY similar one from Amazon. If you follow this link, it leads you to a bunch of other really cool suction cup caddies:

We also have a lot of family and friends that come for visits throughout the year and I thought it was time to make our bathroom a little more visitor-friendly, as well. We've had as many as 7 or 8 family/friends come to stay with us at a single time. Of course it's more fun if we all stay together, but that means the girls' bathroom gets extra busy! We typically have the girls use our bathroom during that time and offer it up to others as well, but we've found that most people seem prefer using this one, except for my bro who doesn't seem to mind at all, lol. So, I've done a few things to make those visits go a little easier, like extra towel hooks similar to this over-the-door one as well as this more sturdy one that's screwed in and can be offset from the other one to hang our new Nate Berkus™ Bath Towels in colors that coordinate with the rest of the decor! :)


I don't know about yours, but our house came with the most useless 2nd full bathroom shower "shelving" ever. They are more like little ledges and are all too narrow and ever-so-slightly sloped so that nothing ever stays on them for long. Soap bars and shampoo bottles are always slipping off. In addition, my husband installed a really nice removable shower head which also means don't bother hanging any kind of useful shower caddy off of it because it won't work.

So up until now, the girls either stored their shampoos and such on the floor of the tub or in the shelf next to the tub which was starting to rust with all the water drippings. I finally decided it was high time to do something about this, too. I went to Target and loaded up on 2 awesome shower caddies by InterDesign that hang by suction. I was wary of things hung up by suction cups, though, because what would be worse than hearing all of their shower accessories come crashing to the floor in the middle of the night? Rest assured, the suction cups on these babies are super duper strong and even have a giant screw to make them extra suctiony. They're called PowerLock Suctions. I LOVE PowerLock suctions! They don't budge when I yank on them. Not one bit. But I am still sure to check on them every now and then to make sure they haven't loosened, and tighten them if they have. So far so good after a few weeks of using them!

And if you are lucky enough to have a shower head that you can actually hang stuff off of, check this one out by the same company: InterDesign Brushed Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

Amazon has some caddies very similar to the ones I got from Target, with the PowerLock suctions and all!


The beautification makeover itself was done almost 10 years ago, before Little Sis was even born. I painted it yellow and found the cutest cats and dogs shower curtain and matching accessories from JC Penney and hand painted pictures to match. See? Hee hee.

Here's that shelf that's starting to rust. Nothing a "hospitality basket" and some washcloths can't hide! :)

And a final look at it all. We had our first house guests since I put this stuff up just a few days ago and my makeover was actually noticed AND mentioned! It a got a thumbs up! Woo hoo! Thanks so much for noticing and the nice words about it, Carlene! You made my day! ;)

I just went to clean the bathroom and was actually excited about doing it! It wasn't nearly as painful and almost enjoyable because it was so easy. Well, I'd say that was a huge success! :)

Be sure to take advantage of Target's Bath Sale while you're shopping!

Bath Sale: Spend $100, save $25; spend $50, save $10 with promo code REFRESH plus, save up to 15%. Valid 1/17-1/23

Target Clickable Links:



Here's a similar Cats and Dogs shower curtain, but it's not the same. It's cute, though!


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