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Big Sis is addicted to The Claw Game. She is a Claw Game addict, otherwise known as a 'claw head'. She's had a taste of so many claw victories over the years that every time she sees one, it beckons and begs her to come play and she just can't resist its charms even if she doesn't have any money or we say no. When we do indulge her, it typically leads to only these things: Crying. Whining. Getting mad. ...because sometimes you come soooo close but just can't hold on to it. Or they are too wedged in to grab anything up. Even when she wins one, it's still not enough... we have to try for 2 or 3 or 4 depending on who else is with us. The first one never seems to take more than a dollar or 2 but you know the second one's gonna be a b*$#*. Sometimes you just have to leave with one, which means: Crying. Whining. Getting mad. from the stuffed buddy-less one because sharing just isn't the same. Can you say spoiled?!? And so it goes.

Now we often try to avoid places that we know have them. Wanna eat at Perkins? They have the best pancakes but naaaah, they also have a claw machine. How about Buffalo Wings and Rings? No. Claw machine. Oooh, I'm in the mood for Rudino's Pizza. No. Claw machine. But, sometimes, we happen upon one by chance: Damn it! Claw machine! The girls still get plenty of claw machine action, though. And their love for the game is so deep that they will play it at home, piling up their stuffed animals like such, while one "bees" the claw and one "bees" the player. They surprisingly get so much enjoyment out of it. It is so funny and sweet to watch. Don't you think?

So after watching them play during our last track out, I got this brilliant idea in my head. What do you think? :)

It's nothing fancy, but it works. :) Complete w/ a realistic-action joystick, a slot for coins AND a drop chute w/ flap, it's fashioned out of only stuff I found at home. This baby only cost me $8! Actually it coulda been even cheaper had silly Sweetie not bought me the "expensive" duct tape from Lowe's. He didn't realize I'd use the whole roll! :o I fully intend to keep this monstrosity around a while, as a holding pen for their stuffed buddies. Too bad it's not big enough to hold ALL of 'em. Hope it holds up!

After several combinations of players and claws, Big Sis announced that Daddy made the best claw. "He's the most realistic" she said. But that quickly went south when the claw got a little too realistic (ie hard) and the players got a little frustrated, ending up w/ some Crying. Whining. Getting mad. DOH! I guess any claw machine, even free homemade ones, can end up that way. Good one, Daddy!! That's the last time we let YOU be the claw. He did say that from now on, his claw will have 3 selectable levels of difficulty, which the girls were happy about.

But even with your very own FREE claw machine in the comfort of your own home, sometimes, it still is easier to do this. You go girl:

The End. :)

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Mother of a Food Neophobia said...

Oh my goodness! My daughter is 8 and has been obsessed with the claw for at least 2 (maybe 3 years) now. She is a big winner most of the time. She has figured out which machines are the easiest and hits them when she is with her daddy or grandma (my mom). They both indulge her. I can't see doing it anymore as she has way too many stuff animals. My husband actually looked into buying a machine so she could play at home. lol

happyvballgirl said...

Haha!! That is tooo funny! Sounds just like Big Sis who is 8 too! :) We have joked about buying one too - at least the small kind that picks up candy - but this is a way cheaper alternative. :) Thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

Crystal Shook said...


happyvballgirl said...

Thanks, Crystal!! I had fun making it. :)