1st Day of School Lunches 2014

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Well, the first day of school is already upon us for us year-round school goers. We enjoyed a nice week off between their last day and today. Got my last-minute back-to-school supplies shopping done last night after we rolled in from a nice long weekend in MD/DC. That meant I finished up my shopping at 11pm last night, but I'm just glad it's all done and all I need to get today is 1 yellow 2-pocket 3-prong plastic folder. Walmart was all picked over last night!
My Epicurean Adventures: 1st Day of School 2014 in @easylunchboxes

Anyway, here are the obligatory 1st day of school pics. Kind of sad I didn't get them in my usual spot in front of our lovely school, but that place was a ZOO and both girls wanted to be dropped off at carpool this morning. sniff, sniff. Thinking back, I should have insisted since this is Big Sis' last year at this elementary school, and the last time they will both be in the same school until Big Sis' SENIOR year of high school. WAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I want a re-do! lol.

And here's the lunch. Big Sis' was very similar, but w/o the strawberries. sigh.

My Epicurean Adventures: 1st Day of School 2014 in @easylunchboxes

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In this lunch:
  1. Applegate Bacon and cheese roll ups, a variation of the Hawaiian Roll Ups from my new favorite cookbook by Laura Fuentes of MOMables: The Best Homemade Kids' Lunches on the Planet: Make Lunches Your Kids Will Love with More Than 200 Deliciously Nutritious Meal Ideas
  2. Organic Carrots
  3. Horizon Organics Cheddar Crackers
  4. Fresh strawberries

    5. Cascadian Farms Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
    6. Chips Ahoy Mini Cookies for a treat

Shout Outs:

MOMables - for sharing so many delicious and healthy recipes with us!

Applegate for providing natural (and organic varieties, too) nitrate-free yet oh-so-convenient pre-packaged deli meats. Check out my FB post professing my love for them: FB post professing my love for Applegate :)

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Amanda Paulos said...

Hope they had a great first day :)

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks so much, Amanda! They did!! They got off the bus in the afternoon with big grins on their faces so excited to tell me how much they love their new teachers and classes. Yay!!

Anonymous said...

Look at those long legs on Sammy!