St. Patrick's Day 2012

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In all my years, I have never celebrated a St. Patrick's Day other than maybe wearing a little green (sometimes accidental, occasionally planned) on the day. Never even had so much as a sip of green beer (oh the horror!)... which means we've also managed to escape visits from little leprechauns - until this year.

Little Sis came home from school SOOO excited on Thursday because the leprechauns visited her pre-school and left such a mess (and yummy little cupcakes behind)!! They dumped out the ponies and knocked over the container of blocks. They turned over chairs and just left the place a mess. She was SO excited.

With Big Sis home sick from school Friday, they had way too much time on their hands to prepare for potential leprechauns' visits. First it started with making leprechaun traps in their rooms but then they decided it was much nicer to give them a warm welcome. They hauled upstairs way too much doll house furniture and set up house for those little creatures. Apparently, they are pretty small they concluded. Here's what they set up:
Big Sis' Room:

Little Sis' Room:

The rest of the day was spent talking about what the leprechauns and what do to their rooms and of course mixed in with lots of plushie-playing (stuffed animals).

Finally, it was bed time. We had the girls clean up their messes from the day, because otherwise, how would we know what messes were made by leprechauns and what messes were made by little girls? In the process of getting ready for bed, they each went in and out of their rooms several times, inadvertantly knocking some part of their setup over (how could they not when it's covering nearly their entire floor?) and each time Little Sis noticed something tipped over, she was convinced it was a leprechaun's doing.

So, my sweet foolish little daughter, who had been so excited all day preparing for and talking about how Leprechans are coming to mess things up in her room and around the house was now afraid to fall asleep because she thought they had already arrived and were hiding in her room. DOH! After several gettings-out-of-bed and reassurances, she finally fell asleep. Whew!

The next morning, Little Sis got up way earlier than usual - even earlier than she did on Christmas morning!! And when Daddy got up to check on her, he said the look on her face was just too precious for words. She was genuinely amazed looking at what the leprechaun had done and was very busy collecting up all her little treats of gold chocolate coins and green and gold Rolos. About an hour after that, we found them both jumping up and down in sheer excitement in the bathroom looking at the leprechaun gel clings that were left on the mirror and soooo astounded by each new discovery throughout the house. Big Sis even declared, "This is now my 2nd favorite holiday after Christmas!!!" Soooooo stinkin' cute they were. :)

So that there was our first celebration of St. Patrick's Day. :) And who knew that those Leprechauns had such a sense of humor? Check out what they left behind:

Big Sis' Leprechaun Toilet:

Little Sis' Leprechaun Toilet:

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...which inevitably led to Little Sis's question:

"When can we eat the poop?"

Hope you all had an enjoyable St. Patrick's Day!!! Maybe next year I'll try some green beer. :)
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