Homemade Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding

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Big Sis asked me to buy some pudding cups to stick in her lunch for her treat, so of course I went online hunting for a yummy looking homemade pudding recipe and this is the one that caught my eye: Martha Stewart's Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding. It looked pretty easy considering (lol) and I decided to make a half-batch of each since Big Sis likes chocolate while Little Sis prefers vanilla. And let me say, holy cow this is some tasty pudding!! The girls tasted tested them and gave them a rousing "This is the best pudding ever!". Big Sis preferred the chocolate and Little Sis preferred the vanilla. Do I know my kids or what?!?! :)

Made wholesome and organic, pudding is now a treat I don't mind my girls having. Stuck some in their lunches today but, alas, didn't get to snap up any pix. Happy snacking, my little puddin's! :)

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