MOMables' Perfect Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

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The other day, this picture of the most beautiful pancakes drenched in blueberry syrup temptingly appeared in my Facebook newsfeed and I was instantly struck with the need to pin, print and make this recipe. It was from one of my favorite healthy recipe resources: MOMables and the recipe was Laura's Better Than IHOP's Blueberry Syrup and Perfect Pancake Recipe.

Sunday was the day. Unfortunately, Big Sis and her daddy headed off to an early indoor soccer practice, leaving just Little Sis and me, but I just couldn't wait any longer, especially since Little Sis requested pancakes the night before. I decided to give another try at making some edible whole wheat pancakes and Little Sis was an easy target, as she's pretty good about eating most things, healthy even. I've tried many times in the past, only to be left with a gritty, tasteless dry disc of a pancake, but I saw a note that MOMables added to the bottom of her pancake recipe on a whole wheat variation so my interest was renewed.

I am so happy to report that both the pancakes and the syrup were just delicious. I even added 1 Tbsp of wheat germ and 1 Tbsp of ground flax seed and we both gobbled them up despite.

Here is Little Sis' breakfast. She is usually not a fan of whipped cream, but over the weekend, I made some homemade whipped cream to top off a labor-intensive 4 layer chocolate cake and had some left over. She tried it and excitedly asked me for pancakes the next day "so I can dip them in your whipped cream. I only like your whipped cream, Mommy." So, how could I NOT make her pancakes for breakfast?

In this breakfast:
  1. Organic Fuji Apples, sliced
  2. Homemade whipped cream
  3. Homemade MOMables' Blueberry Syrup
  4. MOMables' Perfect Pancakes (100% Whole Wheat variety)
  5. Horizon's Fat Free Organic Milk
Here's Little Sis getting SO serious about her breakfast. She housed 3 pancakes in literally a blink of an eye. This girl loves to eat! :)

And my pancakes. Couldn't wait to sink my fork into them, a boy were there just delicious when I did!

Here's how I stored the leftovers. Just love mason jars, especially the little ones.

Lastly, here's Big Sis' breakfast-on-the-go this morning, as we headed out to an early morning appt. This the same as Little Sis' from yesterday, just neatly packed in my beloved Easylunchboxes.

My Epicurean Adventures: #MOMables' Perfect Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup in #Easylunchboxes

When I turned around, this little rascal had finished all but 1 triangle and had moved on to the whipped cream! Busted!!

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