Tree Decorating Party 2015

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A few years back, I started a new tradition we call the Tree Decorating Party. Last year was bust because both girls got the flu. Boo! But this year, we managed to sneak it in and it actually happened ALMOST a week and a half before Christmas! Yeah! That's really good for us! :)

We always start with an invite, even it arrives the day of. :)

The dinner. It's always fun to pull out the dishes you haven't seen in a year.

Here are closeups of a few of the dishes. I even tried making that spinach and artichoke dip stuffed bread based off the video I saw on Facebook. Yum!

Here are the little elves, busy at work, pulling out the ornaments. The big one is setting up our train.

Now they're testing out the train and Little Sis is showing off her new Star Wars ornaments from Nana.

Photo op time w/ the girls! They usually start sweet and cooperative and then quickly degenerate from there. Wouldn't expect anything less from my girls!

Now for the tree topper. Oooops. the tree is toooo tall!

 Here's the obligator family pic by the tree:

And finally, the tree!! :)

"The decorations were up at our house, inside and out even before Thanksgiving. The tree bought and lit almost 2 weeks ago. FINALLY got around to decorating our tree last night at our family tree decorating party! Woo hoo!"

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful holidays!

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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