Pita Pizza

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Super Quick. Super Easy. Super Yum. Pita Pizza!

Just a quick post to share with you a quick and easy meal. Delicious to boot. It's nothing earth-shattering or anything that hasn't been done before, but I still couldn't help but share. :) Made these today for lunch after a week of craziness getting ready for the holidays and a quick weekend visit from friends. It was lunch time and the girls were hungry but I just didn't feel like doing up anything big. Plus, Big Sis has a cold and hasn't felt much like eating. When I spied a package of Toufayan Whole Wheat Pitas in my bread basket, I threw this out there and they BOTH bit.

So I took out the rest of the ingredients and proceeded to put them together. Big Sis wanted pepperoni and Little Sis wanted mushrooms. Different toppings? No probs. Each pizza is made-to-order! :)

Both of them gobbled theirs up and Little Sis asked for seconds, so while I was at it, I made one for myself as well. Mine had BOTH pepperoni and mushrooms, my favorite combo. I ran out of mozzarella cheese the second time around, so my shredded 3 cheese blend from Trader Joe's stepped in. Just as tasty in my book, though Little Sis says she likes mozzarella better. To each her own. :)

Ingredients (with the brands I used in parentheses):

Pita Bread (Toufayan Bakeries)
Pizza Sauce (Muir Glen Organic)
Shredded Mozzarella cheese (Trader Joe's)
Mushrooms (Trader Joe's Baby Bellas)
Pepperoni (Applegate)

Top each pita with pizza sauce, cheese and then your favorite toppings.

Place on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for about 7-10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Super Quick. Super Easy. Super Yum. Pita Pizza!

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Diana Hansen said...

These are fantastic!!! My people would love it!

Marije said...

These look yummie! And not time consuming either!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! Awesome for a quick meal.

Lisa said...

I LOVE pizza shortcuts! Honestly I can't believe I've never thought of doing this before. I make pizzas on tortillas or on naan (Trader Joes frozen ones), but never thought of pitas. Great idea!