Mountain Biking w/ My Sweetie

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I'm not a very avid mountain biker (ie, I go once every month or two, I'm pretty slow and not all that daring) but I do have fun when I go out to the Lake Crabtree trails w/ my Sweetie. Even though he's like 100,000,000 times faster than me, he always waits for me. In my defense, I've only actually been like 5 times starting from when got my new bike last year around my birthday. Or was it the year before that?

Yesterday we went out in the heat and humidity of mid-day and enjoyed an hour+ ride through the trails. I'm happy to report that I was technically much better than our last outing a month or so ago (ie I didn't fall once!). Next I just gotta work on my speed so the hubby can at least keep his heart rate at an acceptable level. ;)

I was tired and lethargic even before I got in the car to go biking, so I took along my usual power boost just before the ride: Skittles! It's what I do for volleyball and my friends and teammates have become used to me showing up on the court with a bag (or two) of Skittles in my bag. :) In fact, my buddy Michelle even named our women's team last year w/ me in mind: Team Skittles. lol! It was just the thing I needed to get me goin'. :)

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It turned out to be a great time to go. Impending storms stayed away but the cloud cover kept the temps palatable. The shade of the woods definitely helped, too. Plus how could you not just love it when you start and end w/ a view like this? Oh wait, there is one thing I HATE about this ride - the ridiculous hill at the end, as we head back to North Cary Park parking lot. At least it's on a greenway, but sheesh! I was peddling on the smallest gear and felt like I could have walked faster than I biked up the hill. But I DID it! I conquered the hill once again and loved the sheer exhaustion after I've made it back to the car.

Thanks for puttin' up w/ me Sweetie and continuing to ask me to go biking w/ you even though I'm the world's slowest mountain biker. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to show you our reward. A Jersey Mike's Giant #9. Always makes us think about our buddy Derek and "the good ol' days". Giant #9's Rule Derek! Hee Hee :)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)


Jenn Christ said...

Ooo looks like so much fun!! I've never been mountain biking but I like the look of it!

katherine peas said...

thank you for visiting my blog. I totally gotta say I got a bike for Christmas and I looved riding a bike as a kid. but I'm all worried I'll run into something now! ugh., I hope that goes away

happyvballgirl said...

haha! I can't be little dicey at times, esp those darn crazy protruding roots and trees that are too close together but you have to ride in between... haha! You should definitely give it a try sometime, Jenn! :)

happyvballgirl said...

LOL! So awesome you got a bike for Christmas! Did Santa bring it? :) You'll be fine, just start with wide open spaces and gradually get smaller. haha! Have fun w/ it!