Here's Lunch #6: Hot Dog for ME

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Heeeeeere's lunch! :) MY lunch, that is. A couple weeks ago, I was sent home with a new pack of hot dogs and a giant bag of buns from a neighborhood party. I LOVE hot dogs. I ate them at breakfast, I ate them at lunch, I ate them at dinner (though not consecutively) and pretty much finished the pack on my own in a week's time. And no, I am not proud of this feat, but they are gone and no longer tempting me. :)

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In this lunch:
  1. Hot dog w/ ketchup, relish and mustard underneath the hot dog, where I usually put 'em. I squirted some extra ketchup just so the hot dog wouldn't look so plain. :)
  2. Sugar snap peas
  3. Reser's Mustard Potato Salad
  4. DELICIOUS, perfectly ripened watermelon. I want some more now!
* "Here's Lunch" is a series of lunch posts for those days when I really don't have more to say than "Here's lunch". :)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)


Deanna Lyn said...

That looks yummy! Thanks for stopping by at my blog I am pinning this!

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks to YOU for stopping by and pinning! :) Just can't resist a yummy hot dog (or two). haha!

Rebecca said...

Hot Diggety Dog!! Thank you for linking to 15 Minute Fridays Summer Edition!