Here's Lunch #9: Bagels for Lunch

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The girls requested a bagel sandwich lunch last week. After years and years of whole wheat breads, Big Sis is starting to slowly revolt, so here's me throwing her a bone every once in a while. Enjoy your plain white mini bagels, Big Sis! Without further ado, Heeeeeere's lunch! :)

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In this lunch:
  1. Thomas' Plain Mini Bagels (at least they don't have High Fructose Corn Syrup!) and cream cheese sandwiches
  2. Pretzels 
  3. Homemade Chocolate Chip Banana Bread cubes using the same Betty Crocker's Banana Bread Recipe I've been using for over 20 years!
  4. Sunmaid Raisins for Big Sis and strawberries for Little Sis (thank goodness at least one of my kids LOVE fruit!)
  5. Organic broccoli florets and organic baby carrots w/ a side of ranch dressing
  6. Lofthouse-style Homemade Flower (and Star) Cookies (Yay! No nut contaminants for my nut-allergic sweeties!) straight out of the freezer where I keep some to have healthier lunch treats on-hand and perfectly thawed by lunch!

* "Here's Lunch" is a series of lunch posts for those days when I really don't have more to say than "Here's lunch". :)

EasyLunchBoxes - love my ELB's!!


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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Baker Stone said...

Great colors in those lunches! I'm partial to bagel sandwiches myself. Have you thought about using a stainless steel lunchbox? Avoid plastic altogether! Here's a link to the one I have:

Jeana Dix said...

Yummy! These lunches look fabulous!

Sarah Paterson-Farrand said...

Looks so good. Love bagel-wiches!

happyvballgirl said...

Awww, thanks Jeana!! You're so sweet to stop by. :)

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks so much, Sarah!! Who doesn't love a good bagel-which, eh?? Thanks so mcuh for stopping by! :)

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks so much, Baker Stone! I have seen the Planetbox lunch boxes. They do look pretty awesome and I'm sure I would love them as well. I don't actually think they were around when I conducted my search for lunch boxes, but my EasyLunchboxes (BPA free) have been working great for me and I couldn't justify getting another "box". I do however own a few stainless steel Lunchbots for smaller lunches and snacks and to complement my hot thermos meals. And of course, my water bottles are SS as well. :) THanks so much for stopping by!

Kirsten Madaus said...

I loved making bentos for my kids when they were in elementary school--those ini bagels are so cute!
Now my kids come home for lunch (I know! The school district gives them an hour long lunch break!) but no bagels as they are a braces no-no.
I'm glad to follow you on Tasty Tuesdays!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Both lunches look great! My guy loves bagels and is thrilled when he gets them in his lunch!