Earth Day 2011: Little Sis' Trash Pick-Up

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This is a note I wrote back in 2011 when Little Sis was in preschool. Just couldn't help but re-post this here on Earth Day 2013! :)

Ever since Little Sis brought home an Earth Day brown paper trash bag...

My trash bag!
... and plastic glove to go with it from pre-school yesterday,

...and my glove! Huh? It's way too big!
just about all she has talked about is how she wants to go pick up trash somewhere. "Mommy, will you drive me some place where there is a lot of trash to pick up? OH! I KNOW!! You know that place we walk by when we go to hockey games? There's a lot of trash in the bushes by the gas station there. We could go there!!!!" Luckily, neighbor Jodi and I were able to convince her that if we canvas the neighborhood on trash day AFTER the trash is picked up, we should be able to fill our bag! Cool! So off we went, Joey on her bike and Mommy on foot. We found a couple of bits and pieces on our way to the main road:
Oh look! It's a newspaper!
...but our most interesting find was a pack up cigarettes very neatly (and cleverly) tucked by the trunk of some little bush on the side of the main road. Hmmm, that's gotta be someone's secret stash. Part of me was inclined to just leave it there ('cause cigs ain't cheap, ya know!), but Little Sis was already hot on the case. She actually spotted it first and eagerly ambled up the little hill to fetch it before I could say a word...

Sniffin' out those cigs
and tossed the nearly full pack (I had to peek) into her trash bag. Doh! Someone's NOT gonna be happy when they find out what we've done!!

Throwin' out those cigs!
The rest of the patrol, we found half-empty water bottles, a plastic bag, a sweetart wrapper, a pair of rubber gloves (ewww, i picked those up myself), an MLS listing, chalk, chalk artwork, a nearly full roll of masking tape and a few other less notable items.
Sweetart wrapper
At our midpoint, we decided to reward ourselves with a stop at the nearby church's playground where Joey played for a few minutes until she deemed it time to move on.

Break time!
We made it back after about an hour and a half, hot, tired and hungry, but Little Sis was so excited that she was able to make our neighborhood "a libidit cleaner" and I daresay I had fun helping her. Happy Earth Day! :)

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