A Rice and Seaweed Lunch

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When I asked the girls what they wanted to take for lunch today, Big Sis chimed in "Rice and seaweed!!!" We'd come off a "Bibimbap Party" (aka Korean food party) over the weekend and I guess she just didn't get enough of her "Rice and Seaweed". Ok! That's easy enough. We already had some rice warming in our rice cooker and the seaweed is pre-packaged. I threw in some Mandoos (Korean Dumplings) my dad and I had made over the weekend (stay tuned for a post w/ the recipe!), much to Little Sis' delight. She actually asked for some ChopChae (Korean sauteed noodles w/ veggies) but I said that wouldn't keep well. She was still happy.

One thing I'm so tickled about is that Big Sis actually LOVES seaweed (aka roasted laver). A good friend of hers took it to school a lot in 1st grade and one day, she came home and asked me if she could try some. From that day on, she was hooked! Little Sis grew to love it too, because her Big Sis did. Plus she has a couple kids that bring roasted laver in their lunches quite regularly.

So here's what they took to school today:

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In this lunches:
  1. White Rice
  2. Roasted Laver (aka "seaweed") in ziploc bags. Bummed I had to use these, but they need to be airtight otherwise they will get soggy and there was no more room in them bags for another container. :(
  3. Korean Sweet Cracker sticks the hubby picked up on his last trip to the Korean grocery store
  4. Fried Mandoo (Korean dumplings) - Little Sis gets way more because she's a "Mandoo Head"
  5. Strawberries for Little Sis and Peeled Snacks Apple Clusters for Big Sis
  6. Annies Homegrown Fruit snacks as their treat
  7. AND because Big Sis requested some V8 Smoothie along w/ her lunch *see note!
* I packed the smoothie/juice in this "yummi pouch" I just purchased from amazon. I'm a little nervous because they are designed for mushy food like applesauce AND I actually spilled some on the floor while trying to close it (DOH) AND she couldn't open it herself. Fingers crossed it doesn't make a HUGE mess of her lunch at school!!!

Annie's Homegrown for so many delicious and wholesome foods I love feeding my girls.

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Peeled Snacks - for offering a fresh fruit, healthy snack alternative for the fruit-disliking daughter

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)


Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

What a yummy lunch, those crackers are my favorite and we love seaweed! :)

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks Rina! Yes, those crackers are delish! The hubby bought them but I'm the one who ate like 80% of the bag! :)

Anna Adden said...

Looks delicious. Thanks for linking up at Leftovers on Fridays