The winners of the popcorn giveway are...

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First I gotta say, THANKS SO much to NOW Real Foods for sponsoring my first giveway! So glad my first one was for a product that I already used and loved. With that, I'm SOOOOOO excited to announce the winners of my Organic Popcorn giveway:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
CONGRATULATIONS!! And thanks a bunch to EVERYONE who entered! Sorry all of you couldn't win a bag, but if you wanna try it out yourself, I ordered mine here:, one of NOW Real Food's recommended distributors.They offer free domestic and international orders of $40 or more AND gave me a coupon and code to share with you:

And while I'm still on the subject of popcorn, here's kind of a prequel to my popcorn giveway post, on how I happened upon NOW Real Foods' Organic Popcorn to begin with. :)

My hubby is a popcorn junky. He eats popcorn on almost a daily basis so we had been buying microwaveable popcorn in bulk at BJ's Warehouse. But I've never been a huge fan of microwave popcorn, so every once in a while, I'd make it the old fashioned way in a pot on the stove. Never bothered to really measure anything out, but it always came out delicious, though it was hard not to burn at least some of it, mostly out of sheer impatience. Well, this one particular night, I had made a tasty batch but ended up burning about a quarter of it - for the 2nd time... in a week. Woopsie! That night, hubby started looking around Amazon for a popcorn popper. I'm all up for new gadgets, but my kitchen cabinets are already at-capacity and the thought of trying to cram yet another appliance in somewhere just did not appeal to me. I begged for one more chance to perfect my technique, but I was told, "Too late! Button's been pressed." Well, sheesh! So much for 3rd chances!

With this fancy new popper on the way, I took it upon myself to go online to find and order some organic popcorn because for some reason, something about Orville Redenbacher just never sat right w/ me, call me crazy. "So there!" I said to him! :)

So here's the 1970's UFO lookin', popcorn poppin' monstrosity and the tasty organic popcorn we got:

The popper itself, West Bend 82306X Stir Crazy 6-Quart Popcorn Popper, is way cool. It has a fun-to-watch (but not for THAT long) sweeping arm that constantly rotates so kernels don't burn (what a novel idea!!) and unlike the air poppers we used to own, the top is optionally vented so the popcorn won't get all soggy. The vents are optional because after you're done popping, you put the black lid back on it to flip and use as a bowl. WOW, someone was thinkin'! :)

And the popcorn, well, you already know enough about NOW Real Food's Certified Organic Popcorn. Feel free to check this post out if you don't: Organic Popcorn Giveaway Post.

And here's a Quick Popcorn Recipe:
1-2 Tbsp oil (we've used either coconut oil or canola oil)
1 cup of popcorn
1-2 Tbsp butter (optional)

Basically just throw in the above 3 ingredients in the popper (I usually throw in pat of butter w/ the oil so the kernels get a nice coating of butter on them for the flavor but without that greasy yucky feel you get when you add the butter after) and then run it 'til they're popped. Cap the vent, flip and then salt to taste after popped.

Makes 6 quarts of popped popcorn.

Even my hubby, as much as he loves popcorn, couldn't possibly eat all this popper can make in one sitting, so I stuck the leftovers in a (clean) giant glass kimchee jar, sealed it tight and *poof* it's the perfect quick and healthy snack! BTW, (clean) giant glass kimchee jars are just awesome, don't you think? :)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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