Happy Halloween!

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Let me start off by askin': Where the heck did October go?!!? :)

I'm ashamed to admit that after a crazy-busy 6 weeks of non-stop fun, traveling, entertaining/hosting, painting, volleyball and soccer, the only Halloween-themed lunch I've made was for the Halloween Hop like 2 weeks ago! On top of that, my girls are in the midst of their 2nd week of "track out" (ie we go to a multi-track year-round school and have 3 weeks off of school) which means I haven't had very many opportunities to make any to-go lunches. So, in an effort to squeeze in at least one more Halloween lunch, we decided to have a little Halloween lunch-making fun WITH the girls and they were so excited.

"Flatting out" the bread (cause our cookie cutters are a wee too big)

Gettin' busy

Little Sis checkin' out Big Sis' bento makin' skills
And they're all done w/ all of their bento-making accoutrements all strewn about! Big Sis made a Sunflower Seed Butter and jelly sandwich even though she can eat peanut butter (unlike Little Sis). It's tree nuts she has to avoid, but she's an extra cautious one and for whatever reason(s), she seems to have switched over to using it instead. These days, w/ all the peanut butter recalls, that's just fine by me. :) Now if I could just get Little Sis on board w/ it too! She was totally turned off by soy nut butter when we gave it a go and has declined to try the Sunflower Nut Butter because of it. Oh well.
Doh! Just noticed that I forgot to include the Applegate Organics Turkey deli meat Little Sis used in her lunch in this photo op. Because I just love 'em so much, I gotta give 'me a little shout out of their own. :)

So, here's a close up of the final products. Big Sis' is on the left and Little Sis' is on the right. They were quite proud of their handi-work and I think they turned out pretty darn awesome! It was so fun to watch them get so excited about making their own lunches and already knew where all my bento stash was. Just used plain ol' cookie cutters I've had for years and years. If an 8 and a 5 year old can do it, so can YOU!!!! :)

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In these lunches:
  1. Big Sis' Ghost Sammie on left: Trader Joe's Sunflower Seed Butter and Smucker's Simply Fruit Seedless Strawberry Fruit Spread using Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  2. Little Sis' Cat Sammie on right: Applegate Organics turkey and Boar's Head Muenster Cheese sandwich on Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  3. Utz's Halloween Pretzels (made in a Peanut and Tree Nut-Free Facility - woo hoo!)
  4. Trader Joe's Ghoulie Gummy Tummies Pumpkins and Spiders
  5. Zachary's Mello Creme Pumpkins - made in a facility that processes nuts. It was the closest to nut-free I could find in stores and is fine for either but Little Sis didn't want to give 'em a try after a bad experience w/ "May Contain Nuts" candy corn she had 2 years ago. Big Sis thought she wanted to give 'em a go but chickened out last minute. Oh well, better safe than sorry!
  6. Carrot chips
  7. Peeled Snacks Apple Clusters (Cinnamon for Big Sis and regular for Little Sis)
After all the hard work in making their lunches, these hungry little girls were eager to dig in. They nibbled and chatted, chatted and nibbled until every last bite was gone. As a mom, this was just a joy to behold - just look at those happy faces!

These lunches were enjoyed on some Halloween place mats I made for the girls about 4 years ago. Here's a closer look:

My Epicurean Adventures: DIY Halloween Place Mats

They look pretty decent (I think), wipe off easily and work like a charm - and they are oh so easy to make. I actually made a bunch that year to give away as gifts. To make 'em, just decorate a legal size (8.5" x 14) sheet of paper however you'd like: w/ cutouts, markers, paint, glitter - but make sure that it finishes fairly flat. These were all hand drawn/hand cut from regular ol' construction paper. Then just take the decorated sheets to Kinko's or any place like that and run 'em through their legal-sized laminator. The finished result is a very professional looking, shiny, thick place mat!

Lastly, while I was snapping pix throughout our lunch-making fun, a light bulb went "Ding!" in Big Sis' head. She said, "OH, I know Mommy, you can post these pictures up on your food page and then can we read all the comments together?" :) So, with that, I'll just say that we'd all just be thrilled (especially Big Sis) if you left us a little comment telling us what you thought of the girls' lunches!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope you have a wonderful night of fun - stay safe and warm! :)

Check out this awesome collage that Kelly Lester of Easylunchboxes made from this post! She's the best! :)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Anonymous said...

Can they come and make me lunch one day???? I would be a super-lucky teacher and the envy of all my students! :) <3 Auntie Kris

Anonymous said...

Joey and Sammy - when are you two opening a new business *the restaurant is already done?" I need someone to pack my lunch for me and Papa every day and your's looks so yummy I could really use one of those! NANA

Anonymous said...

Man i wish yall would come to Greensboro and make some lunch for me

happyvballgirl said...

When can I send 'em on over?!?!? haha! :)

happyvballgirl said...

I know they'd love to! Their first business was such a success (thanks to Papa) that I think they're looking to expand. :) Thanks Nana! :)

happyvballgirl said...

Haha! Which B child is this? D or J? I'm thinkin' D... Next time you visit us, I'll have the girls whip up a lunch for us! :)