Spinach Taco Salad

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I've been on a serious taco salad kick lately. Must be the leftovers from Taco Salad Night. :) Plus, they are so darned yummy. And can be pretty healthy depending on what you put in it!

Here's yesterday's lunch:

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... and dinner from a couple nights ago. I just can't get enough! But alas, I finished off the last of it, so it'll be a little while until my next one. 

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In these Taco Salads:
  1. Baby Spinach, chopped up
  2. Shredded Carrots - further chopped up
  3. Broccoli Slaw - further chopped up
  4. Taco meat using Laura's Lean Ground Beef (see Taco Salad Night for a link to the recipes)
  5. Mushrooms (dinner has 'em, lunch doesn't - I LOVE mushrooms but this one tastes better w/o 'em)
  6. 3 Blend Shredded Cheese from Trader Joe's
  7. DELICIOUS Cherry Tomatoes from my CSA Papa Spuds
  8. Muir Glen Organic Salsa - Medium
  9. Mt. Olive's diced jalapenos - best idea ever. :)
  10. Fresh cilantro - this is what makes them irresistible to me!
  11. Sour Cream
  12. Crispy Tortilla Strips (see below)
* The lunch has a side of cantaloupe and the tomatoes on the side.

The icing on this cake was DEFINITELY the crunchy tortilla strips on top. I just took one soft flour tortilla, cut them up into strips and toasted them in my toaster oven until they looked like this! You can also bake them in the oven at around 350 for about 7 mins or until lightly browned. Yummy!

My Epicurean Adventures: Spinach Taco Salad for Lunch and Dinner in @easylunchboxes

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Shout Outs:

MOMables - for sharing so many delicious and healthy recipes with us!

Papa Spuds - for providing the freshest fruits and veggies (and more) right at my doorstep!

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