Pizza Lunchables

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oThis lunch was inspired by my last trip to the grocery store with Big Sis who wanted to buy a "Pizza Lunchables". So once again, I deferred the purchase by telling her I'd make her one myself, which was declared acceptable. To be honest, make-your-own pizzas that are eaten cold like this just don't float my boat. My thought was - eww! but I'm not gonna let MY tastes get in the way of trying new things so I went ahead and did a trial run as a lunch-at-home one day and they, by golly, just gobbled them up! Ok! So here's my second Pizza Lunchables that went to school w/ them today:

In this lunch:
  1. Arnolds 100% Whole Wheat (High Fructose Corn Syrup-Free) Sandwich Rounds, cut in half because my girls like to make "pizza sandwiches" which are way too floppy when whole. :)
  2. My fave jarred spaghetti sauce: Bertolli's Organic Olive Oil, Basil & Garlic Sauce - yes, I use spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce because the pizza sauce ends up going bad before I can use it up. Same diff if you ask me. :)
  3. Sargento Shredded Mozzarella - though I'd prefer to use a thicker shred 'cause these can get messy
  4. Hormel Pepperoni Minis - still looking for Applegate's version, though. :)
  5. Mi-Del NUT-Free, Gluten-Free Arrowroot Animal Cookies. Big Sis has been asking me to find some nut-free animal cookies and this is what I found (yesterday) at Kroger. Let's see how these go over!
  6. Carrot chips w/ Ranch dressing in those cute containers
  7. GoGo Squeeze Applesauce Pouches
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And as you can see, this lunch is filled w/ LOTS of little containers to wash, but sometimes, it's worth the extra effort. :) I fully anticipate that these ELBs will come back competely empty, minus a some peps, which, let me tell ya, is a beautiful sight to behold. :)

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berrygirl@mommy kiki can! said...

Delightful bentos!!! I've been wanting to try the pizza style home lunch-ables on my girls...I'm sure they would love this! It's quite wonderful that you made these usually junkie lunches full of wonderfully healthy as well as fun ingredients!! Well done mommy!

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Fantastic pizza lunchables! :D I always use spaghetti sauce too! It's just always what we have on hand!

Myra of Mommy+Me Lunchbox said...

Love DIY pizza lunchables! so easy and so fun for the kiddos.

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks, berrygirl! :) You're such a sweetie. Hope your girls love 'em too! They are SO easy to put together, so it's kinda like a freebie. :)

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks, Jenn!! Yay to spaghetti sauce!! :)

happyvballgirl said...

Me too. Like you said: SO easy and the kids just love 'em! :)

Keitha said...

Your pizza lunches are great! So much better than those yucky Lunchables from the grocery store. Thanks for including my lunch in your pizza gallery.

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks so much, Keitha! And thanks for sharing your beautiful lunch!! As always, just LOVE the book tie-ins. The Kissing Hand is such a great book. :)