Kids' Meals: Cheese and Crackers Lunch

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The girls are still tracked out and you know what that means... time to schedule all those doctor's appointments! lol.  To the girls' dismay, they both had their annual check ups this morning. Little Sis got off easy, but Big Sis had to get 2 shots and was not terribly pleased about it. The appointments went fine, but the doctor did tell Big Sis that in order to keep growing taller and stronger, she needs to try to get more protein in her. This probably has something to do with the fact that at age 11, she's in the 53rd percentile for height but only in the 9th percentile for weight. Little Sis, 3 years younger, is quickly catching up in height and has surpassed her Big Sis in weight by a couple pounds with her consistent 97th+ percentile showing. Little Sis is lucky because growing just comes easy for her, because she loves to eat, and pretty healthy at that. She reeeeeeally enjoys her food and quite often prefers the healthy stuff over the less-healthy, minus her undying love of all things pasta.

Conversely, it's not easy to get lots of protein in a kid (Big Sis) that just doesn't eat a whole lot to begin with and when she IS hungry, she'd far prefer carbs and junk over the healthy stuff. But that's what we parents are for and try really hard to mix in the good stuff along with the not-so-good. She luckily eats her veggies without much fuss or effort but those fresh fruits? Forget it, beyond the maybe 4 kinds she'll even consider eating!

So after our appointments, we made a stop at Trader Joe's for a little grocery shopping and then headed home for lunch. Here's the lunch I made for them. We've learned that with Big Sis, it's best to give her light meals as that minuscule tummy of hers just doesn't hold a whole lot at one time. Plus, this way, she has a fighting chance of actually finishing what's on her plate. And if you're still hungry afterwards? Of course you can have seconds (and thirds), just like Little Sis did.

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In this lunch:
  1. Organic Golden Crackers from Whole Foods
  2. Applegate Roast Turkey and Muenster Cheese
  3. Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese
  4. Avocado cubes
  5. Organic carrot stubs (or whatever they're called) cut into hearts :)
... oh yeah, baby cut carrots! They were cut on a slant and stuck together with a dab of ranch dressing because picks just don't pierce carrots very easily!

Here they are, enjoying their meal and I'm happy to say that both cleaned their plates (minus a couple avocado cubes that Big Sis left because their playdate arrived before she finished). Rest assured, she'll be seeing them again come snack time. :)

* "Kids' Meals" is a series of plated lunch/dinners that I serve at home.

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