Clean-Out-That-Fridge-Veggie Sautees Are Perfect for Breakfast

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It's Friday! Which means trash day for us = time to clean out that fridge! I had a bunch of chopped up veggies from Monday that didn't get used up during the week so I just tossed them all in my Lodge Cast Iron skillet with a little grapeseed oil, salt and pepper and sautéed them up for use in omelettes for the next several days. Mmmmm.

In this particular mix are: onions, green peppers, mushrooms, baby spinach and a tomato. Start with a little oil and the onions and green peppers. Make a huge batch, eat some fresh and store the rest in a container (I love using my glass Pyrex storage containers) in the fridge for future use.

Clean-out-that-fridge veggie sautes make omelettes that much quicker and easier to throw together in the mornings. 

Clean-out-that-fridge sautéed veggies & sausage with 2 perfectly fried eggs. I ultimately ended up mixing up the veggies and sausage together which would've made a nicer pic but I was too hungry to mess with it anymore. ;)

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