Chocolate Cake - Need I Say More?

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Last night Big Sis and I had some "Just the two of us time" after her soccer game while Little Sis went on a Y Princess bowling outing with Daddy. She was pretty wiped out after her game, so we decided to take it easy at home and planned out our dinner on the way home. First and foremost on our minds was, of course, what was for dessert. On a whim, I threw chocolate cake out and she very quickly and very emphatically gave it the thumbs up, so chocolate cake it was!

When we got home, she hopped in the tub for a nice warm soak while I went online to find a recipe. I have some very involved ones, but didn't have a quick and easy "go-to" one... Until now! I sifted through way too many recipes that required using strong coffee and finally happened upon this one. "Oh yeah!" I thought to myself as I had even watched that particular show on Pioneer Woman. I remember it looking very yummy and made a mental note to try it someday. All I can say is that it's a keeper! It was loved by all, even by Little Sis who is not crazy about things chocolate.

So here's the recipe: Ree Drummond's Big Chocolate Birthday Cake. As funny as it sounds, I 1/4th the recipe because it makes a giant 4 layer cake and this family for four does NOT need to try to pound through all that!

I was kind of pressed for time, so I wasn't as patient w/ the frosting and didn't let it cool long enough (ie it was pretty runny) and instead ended up using it as a drizzle on top instead of frosting it. No complaining here - in fact, the girls had fun drizzling their own piece!

And here's the pic, topped with Cabot's premium natural whipped creammmmmmm.

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Jenn Christ said...

Ooo that looks so delicious! I remember seeing that episode too and thinking the same thing. It's still on my to make list!