EasyLunchboxes Lunches for College Kids

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Yes, EasyLunchboxes for College Kids. Sure, why not? :)

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Back at Thanksgiving of last year (yes, I'm playing catch up!), we hosted my wonderful family which included my parents, brother, aunt, uncle and their kids, Austin and Jenna, aka the kiddies. We still call 'em "the kiddies" even though they are in college now - one's a junior and the other's a freshman, but they will always be "the kiddies" in our hearts. lol.

After a fun-filled long weekend, it was time to send these guys back to school. Jenna, one of my more dedicated followers on Instagram, likes and comments frequently how she'd love me to pack her lunches, too, so I thought it would be funny to pack her and her bro their own EasyLunchboxes lunches to eat on the road back to school. And they'd also have a set of their own to use back at school!

These little sweeties were our kids before we had kids. When they were babies, the hubby and I were in our 20's and we just counted the days until we got to visit and play with these cuties. Many fun times were had during our countless number of visits.

Now here they are, all growed up, and showing off their lunches. :)

The totally amazing this is now the kiddies come to visit and play with another generation of kiddies and our girls couldn't love them more.

Here are the lunches I packed for the ol' college kids. I tell ya, it's still so hard to believe that they are old enough to be in college!!

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In this lunch:
  1. Ham, turkey and cheese sandwiches on Nature's Own Butter Bread
  2. Cliff Bar Protein Bar
  3. Sensible Portions' Veggie Straws
  4. Blackberries
  5. Peeled Snacks' Apple Clusters
  6. mini Nilla Wafers
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Kellie said...

What a sweet auntie you are to those big kids! I know they loved their lunches!

Christine Yoon-Taylor said...

Awwwww, Kellie, you are a sweetie! Thanks so much for stopping by! ❤