The Happy Birthday To Me Lunches

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Today's my birthday (woo hoo!) but when you're a mom, it starts off like any other day: made waffles from scratch for the girls because we were out of Eggos (not SUCH a bad thing, I know) and then it was lunch-making time. As usual, I didn't want to spend too much time on it, so this is what I threw together in LESS than 10 minutes. Quick.Easy.Healthy.Fun. Done! :)

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In this lunch:
  1. Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers
  2. Trader Joe's antibiotic/hormone-free Muenster Cheese, Applegate Naturals Roast Turkey and Applegate Pepperoni for Little Sis. The meat and cheese are ALL antibiotic,hormone AND nitrate-free (except for those that are naturally occuring from celery)!
  3. Peeled Snacks' Cinnamon AppleClusters
  4. Trader Joe's dried cranberries and roasted sunflower seeds for Big Sis and fresh blueberries and blackberries for Little Sis
  5. Maplehurst Bakeries' Peanut-Free Mini Cupcakes
I ate up all that time I saved by taking pictures of it and then almost making my girls miss their bus! LOL! :) But because it's my birthday, the hubby didn't give me a hard time about it, rushed them to the bus in his PJ's and upon his return, started to do the dishes, clean up from breakfast and told me "Go blog. It's your birthday." This man is too good to me!! And to be honest, he's ALMOST always like that. <3

So, what wonderful things do I have in store for me today, you ask!??!

Well, I can't wait to unassemble/flip/move/reassemble Big Sis' perfectly fine HEAVY/GIANT new loft bed system we bought on our Trip to Asheville, NC that we had delivered AND assembled yesterday. It only took the 2 "professionals" 2 hours+ to assemble in the exact spot and configuration I told them. But alas, after it was all said and done and they were gone, the hubby and I came to the sad realization that we didn't like it where it was and to move it to the spot we actually wanted it would require us to disassemble it, move it, reconfigure it AND reassemble the beast. :(

On top that that, I had a brilliant idea of "Oh, let's not flip it, but just move it to the right spot and we can mess with reconfiguring it another time" at 8pm last night. Guess what?!?!? Bad.idea. and It.Didn't.Get.Done. and only left our almost entire upstairs in a shambles. Oh well, despite ourselves, we all still ended up getting a good night's sleep (except for the alarm I accidentally set for 6am when I was dusting in our bedroom last night). Haha!

Just so you know, 2 major screw ups does NOT make a right! But it is what it is and we're working today on rectifying the situation. Can't wait to see the finished product! At least Little Sis' Operation.New.Bed went off without a hitch.

And I won't even bother going into our new tall dresser silliness! (...which I'm just gonna blame one on Sweetie).

Oh look! Sweetie's makin' me lunch (look at him, so hard at work!) as I'm getting ready to go out for run after having practiced a little piano on my "new" keyboard using my old piano books my parents just brought to me this weekend. Sweet! :)

So intensely making me lunch. hee hee
I decided I needed to go out for a birthday run because I just recently started to notice that the ol' metabolism isn't what it used to be and I actually have to WORK at staying in shape. Humphf. The nerve of those 40's! So I put on my good ol' Christmas running socks (I really have no shame) and headed out that door. At approximately 4:35 mins into my run, I noticed that I could really hear myself breathing hard and then I realized - DARN IT! I forgot my iPod! I thought about turning back but Woody, my FedEx buddy told me I could do it! And so I did. But it wasn't easy (at first), until my breathing gradually simmered down. Ran 42 minutes for 42 years of a very happy, lucky and wonderful life, plus 2 for good measure because it's just a travesty to stop your run at the top of a hill! The scary thing is that I felt like I could just go on and on an on, but alas, a loft bed that needs rebuilding calls.

Upon my return, this is the lunch hubby had waiting for me, just the way I like it and oh so yummy, with just the right amount of kick. I love my Sweetie!!! But c'mon, would it have killed ya to add a pick or two?!?! hahahah :)

In THIS lunch:
  1. Applegate Turkey sandwich with Applegate Provolone cheese on Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread with mayo, mustard and Wickles. Oh yes. Wickles. :)
  2. Trader Joe's Low Sodium Roasted Red Pepper Soup in a box. Love that stuff. :)
  3. Farmer Carrots :)
After lunch was had, guess what was next up?!? THAT bed!!

Best way to attack this would be just to list 'em out. I love lists. :)
  1. Big Sis' bed explosion in the hallway
  2. Big Sis' bed explosion in the guest room
  3. Big Sis' bed explosion in Little Sis' room
  4. Look at that bed on the right. It totally jammed up the entry to her room in the original location. :(
  5. The bed in the WRONG spot in the WRONG configuration. My bad!
  6. Step by step, flipping the beast. Hubby hard at work
  7. Hubby being his usual metiuclous self. I'm pretty sure we would been done sooner had it not been for the sticky goo that was left behind on so many of the pieces that he needed to remove, even though he never woulda known it's existence had I placed the beast correctly in the first place. But you're not hearing that from ME! :) I SO wish I could have capture his "When I do S*$#, I do it RIGHT" face. hee hee.
  8. Little Sis seemed just as excited as Big Sis. So cute I found her perched like a little birdy, right here. But alas, we had to tell her to shoo.
  9. Flipped! and in the right place! Sooooo close. 
Have to add that Sweetie and I made a good, no make that AWESOME team yesterday and got this all done in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Here's the 'After' pic. Big Sis was quite pleased with our work. :)

And finally, capped off the day w/ a seafood birthday dinner at Red Lobster (hee hee). My buddy, Cindy, whom I've hung out with since 4th grade when she lived just down the street from me, joined us for dinner and this is one of our two "go-to" places. The other one is Sweet Tomatoes. :) Bring on those cheesy biscuits, we demanded!

Meant to, but forgot to snap a pic of us for posterity. :(

Ok, I think that's finally it (minus the TaDa pic of Big Sis' bed). 

Thanks for putting up with me and letting me share my b'day play-by-play with you! :)

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Thanks so much for stopping by and please feel free to make my day by leaving me a comment, joining my blog in the top right corner or liking my on Facebook at MyEpicureanAdventures - the more the merrier! :)

Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Rebecca said...

Happy birthday! Your husband is awesome. Your lunches are beautiful! Thank you for linking to 15 Minute Fridays! Oh yes...keep an eye on your mailbox!

Keitha said...

Hope you enjoyed your b-day! Those quick lunches you made are very cute!

happyvballgirl said...

Awwww, thanks Rebecca!! and thanks for hosting the awesome linky! :)

happyvballgirl said...

Keitha, you're so sweet. Thank you! :)