Cooking With Friends #2 - Chicken Pot Pie

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Ok, I really gotta crank this one out (even though we did this like before Thanksgiving!) because we have #3 coming up this Thursday - woo hoo! Ok, nevermind, #3 was cancelled because buddy has the flu. :( So I just cooked up a big mess all by myself today since I already bought all the stuff and made *somebody* some homemade chicken alphabet soup to be delivered tomorrow. And even though there's no rush for this, it's already done so here it is! :)

Meet my go-to chicken pot pie recipe from Pillsbury: Classic Chicken Pot Pie. Nothin' fancy at all, but it's good ol' comfort food. I got the recipe off the box of those Pillsbury Pie Crusts years ago and haven't bothered to try another one since. You'd be surprised how many "keeper" recipes I've found on the backs of boxes, bags and even in the coupon fliers! I do have every intention of making the crusts from scratch one of these days, but those Pillsbury Pie Crusts make life so darned easy and are oh so very tasty. I've tried the cheaper grocery store brands, too, but they just never compare.

Anyway, I've made these so many times I can't even keep track. I barely measure out the ingredients any more and just throw extra onions, veggies and chicken so it comes out fairly thick. I think if you stay true to the recipe, the finished product will be on the runnier side, but it's still yummy. Just depends on how you like. And I don't know why, but I almost always serve this dish w/ a side of rice.

We made this dish per my friend Cat's request. Her dad was coming to visit soon and she wanted to have some ready to go. When I make these, I always make at least a double batch - one to eat that night and the rest to freeze for later. I stick 'em in the freezer without baking them and when it's time to bake one, I just pull it out of the oven, stick in straight into the oven w/o thawing (LA-ZY!), start the pre-heat and then bake it a longer. This time we made 6!

The filling, nice and thick.
Pie plates just waiting to be filled.
Almost done!

Witness this master pie crust pincher at work. I swear, my friend Cat makes the prettiest pies in the south! :)

And I just HAVE to include a picture of me and my buddy Cat. Oooops, this is old! Look how long my hair was when we did this - that was 8 inches ago! Looking forward to our next one! Stay tuned and hopefully it won't take 2 months to post! :)

Me and my buddy Cat :)
And... the close up. :)
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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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