Oatmeal For the Whole Family

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For many years, oatmeal has been an important part of how my hubby and I like to start our day. Our two girls were oatmeal lovers, too, when they were wee little babies just learning to eat solids, but as they got older, they fell out of the habit. I've been wanting to re-introduce this great breakfast option to them and Quaker's "Bring Your Best Bowl" promotion was the PERFECT way to do just that. Instead of bringing just one bowl, though, I brought 4 - a bowl for each one of our varied tastes!

I immediately made a trip to my local Walmart. I just love going to this Neighborhood Market Walmart. It's close, the prices are great, they're open 24 hours, it's bright and clean and the employees are nice and friendly. Plus, they always seems to have what I need, whether it be last-minute back-to-school supplies at 11 pm on a Sunday night (yes, I've done that before!) or to load up on Quaker® Oats and lots of toppings to go with it on this gorgeous day in NC.

It didn't take long at all to hone in on Quaker® Oats in the cereal aisle. SO many Quaker products to choose from, but I went with the good ol' Fashioned Quaker® Oats variety.

Here are some of the toppings I brought back with me from my trip to Walmart.

And here are the toppings, all prepped and ready for action! Don't they look scrumptious?

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With the oatmeal nice and hot, cooked according to the packaging directions with plenty of milk, we were ready to "Bring our best bowl!"

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Now on to the bowls!!

LITTLE SIS': Brown sugar, strawberries and a slice of banana.

After years of watching us enjoy our oatmeal, Little Sis' interest in oatmeal was finally piqued once more. In fact, a few mornings ago, she actually asked US if SHE could try some oatmeal and you bet we were eager to let her! That's just the way she's always been, even as a baby. She liked to try new things, but if YOU asked her to try something first, she'd often say no. Now if she watched you really enjoying your food without offering her any, then she just had to have some. So funny, but it worked like a charm, especially when you threw in lots of "Mmmmmm's". :) She loves strawberries, so her oatmeal is topped with a few pinches of brown sugar along with strawberries and a banana.

BIG SIS': A sprinkling of brown sugar, chocolate syrup and chocolate chips.

This girl is a light eater and can be pretty picky at times. And she pretty much dislikes all fresh fruit minus the 3 that she'll tolerate. She especially hates strawberries. SOOOOOO, I had to make hers a little more enticing for her finicky taste buds. Much to my surprise and delight, she actually liked her bowl of oatmeal! But c'mon, what's not to like, right? 

DADDY'S: Walnuts, blueberries, strawberries and bananas.

Daddy is one dedicated soul when it comes to just about anything in life. He is especially dedicated to exercising and healthy eating. Even though I'm the one that started eating oatmeal years before him, he's now the one that eats it almost every day for breakfast, with nothing but fresh fruit, nuts and often wheat germ and ground flax seed. No sugar added, unlike the girls'. He says there's no better way to start his day. His routine is to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch (salads pretty much every day) which allows him to be a bit more indulgent at dinner and particularly during tv snacking. This man LOVES him some tv snacks and it ain't always the healthy kind! Yes, Cheetos are his weakness! There's a reason why one of the first things people often say to us is how great HE looks... never mind his awesome wife standing right there next to him! HMPH!!! Haha!! But I couldn't agree more. ;)

MOMMY'S: Brown sugar, pecans. dried cranberries and diced apples.

Mommy is... not as dedicated as Daddy. Haha. She doesn't eat oatmeal every day nor can she eat it without extra milk and a little/lot of brown sugar. But her oatmeal still packs a punch and is delicious. The pecans and apples make a great combination and add the perfect crunch and flavor. They rock my oatmeal. 

So here we all are, with our "best bowls" of Quaker® Oats.

Which one would YOU prefer?

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If you have your own delicious oatmeal combo, please feel free to share it here with me in the comment section below - I'd love to hear your ideas! And then be sure to share it with Quaker® Oats in their National Sweepstakes! They are on the hunt for America's most delicious bowl of Quaker oatmeal. Create your best bowl with 2-5 ingredients for the chance to win $250,000 and see it inspire their newest oatmeal flavor, plus get one last weekly chance to win $250! Hurry, because contest ends 3/12/16! See Official Rules.

And AFTER you've finished all that wonderful Quaker® Oats, be sure to save that canister and turn it into something fun AND useful! In a family with 2 girls with lots of hair, this headband holder is a necessity! Not only does it keep their handbands in one place, nicely displayed, it can also help you keep brushes and combs handy, while nicely concealed. Plus the kids will have lots of fun decorating it themselves!

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)


Kellie said...

I'm an oatmeal lover, too. I like to make mine with coconut milk, maple syrup and pecans. Yum! Love the headband holder. We made one similar to that a while back.

Christine Yoon-Taylor said...

Oh wow, that sounds delicious Kellie! Will have to try that asap! Yum. And thanks! I need to make a couple more for Little Sis' room but the hubby keeps chucking the canister before I can get to it! aaaaaah! lol.