Gingerbread Cookies

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Little Sis really had her heart set on making some gingerbread houses this Christmas - ones she could actually EAT while decorating since all of the kits I've ever run across in stores always have some sort of nut contamination. And as much as I wanted to oblige her like I did in years past:

I just couldn't this year. :( I even found this recipe last fall:'s The Most Wonderful Gingerbread Cookies and couldn't wait to make some from scratch, what with the name and all. :) But sadly, I just ran out of time this Christmas. The year of the shortest possible amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas plus an all-weekend-long travel soccer tournament wedged in between really screwed me up. I even made the dough and stuck in the freezer but just didn't find the chance.

But with the holidays over and things *ALMOST* back to normal (still have to put indoor Christmas decorations away, vacuum up a million pine needles and plan two birthday parties before it's all said and done), I got around to baking these up this weekend.

Instead of actually making gingerbread houses, I cut up a few gingerbread house cookies to be funny. When I showed them to the girls, Little Sis was excited at first, then quickly reminded and then sad that we never got around to making the houses. When I asked "What about these cute little gingerbread houses" while holding one up, she was not amused. At all. Once she got over it, which thankfully didn't take long, she happily decorated a couple gingerbread dude/dudette and scarfed them up just the same. I'm happy to report that the cookies indeed lived up to its name and both the girls (and I) thought they were just delish!

I hurriedly decorated all but the two reserved for Little Sis (since Big Sis deferred hers) using my favorite store-bought frosting: Pillsbury Whipped Vanilla Frosting.

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So, it's never too late to make and decorate gingerbread cookies, right? At least I got 'em in while Christmas music is still being played on my satellite music channels! ;) Now it's time to go work on that "Happy New Year" Card I never got around to making in December. Sigh...

I'm happy that we were able to enjoy our 2nd Annual Tree Decorating Party - oh wait, I just realized I never got around to blogging that up - darn! Oh well, here's a link to the inaugural festivities: It's Never Too Late to Start a Family Tradition. :)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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