Big Sis' 12th Bday and her Girl Scout Cookie Oven

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Happy birthday to my sweet Big Sis who turned 12 on Sunday. She's smart, she's sporty, she's artsy, she's sweet with equal parts sassy, which isn't necessarily a good thing. lol. She will argue any point she doesn't like into ground until you just wanna give scream but can be the sweetest, most tender-hearted little thing ever. She started the day off with her breakfast of choice (chocolate chip pancakes and grits - sorry I made them too milky, though!) and went to church with Nana. Church is something she's been really wanting to start going to but something we've been meaning to do, but just hadn't made the time for yet - (bad us!) and thank you Nana!

She played a basketball game against one of her BFF's team (her team won but barely - it teetered back and forth the whole time)...
heart emoticon

.... went to a magic show at DPAC followed up by an impromptu dinner w/ good friends who also just had a bday 2 days before. Nice photo bomb, Little Sis...

... and went home for the best damn homemade yellow cake I've ever made (stay tuned for the post)!! ... and she finally ended her busy day with a Girl Scout Cookie Oven. Pretty good day in her book. Can't believe that this little thing is 12 already.

Big Sis didn't ask for a ton for her birthday...

but the things she did want pretty much left us with only one option: the Girl Scout Cookie Oven. Grroooaan - I cringe at the thought of those things even though I desperately wanted one as a kid myself. She wasn't gonna get a motorized scooter (you got legs for that girl), a mini fridge in her room (wth? LOL!!) and iPhone 5 (yeah, not happening). Not wanting to load her up with gift cards to places I really don't like going to, the default choice was the oven. Note: she originally wanted the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven where you can at least bake a variety of foods, not just cookies, but every last food packet they sell for that may contain peanuts and tree nuts! BOO ON YOU HASBRO! You just lost out on our money! At least there was another nut-safe option out there although it ONLY bakes cookies. Note: they do sell a couple peanut butter cookie varieties, but the peanut butter is only added during the baking process by the lucky owner of this oven, therefore, the packets do not contain peanuts. This was a huge relief to Little Sis who is allergic to peanuts.

I was also a bit weary about the oven because this girl has zero desire to help cook/bake with me in our kitchen (unlike Little Sis who is the opposite!), so what's the intrigue about this silly toy that only makes treats out non-wholesome ingredients that will inevitably just end up sitting around?!?! Oh yeah, treats. lol. Well, it's her birthday and who knows...

Well, when she opened it up, she was thrilled beyond thrilled and leapt out of her chair to dole out hugs. Ok, we'll take that!

After much pestering, we got a batch of Thin Mints going the next morning (NOT the night before at 9pm at night!), but I didn't have much time before I had to leave and we only got through the cookie baking part. I told her she had to wait until I got back home to do the frosting part. But when I returned, she greeted me with this adorable, excited, sweet, happy face (Little Sis had one as well) and my heart just melted.

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She and her Little Sis had followed the directions and finished them off all on their own while Daddy was working from home upstairs. I no longer cringed at the thought of owning one. And the cookies were actually pretty tasty, and dare we say, better than the real thing?! least in our humble opinion. Who woulda thunk it? At an average cost of $10 a pop so far for a 1.5" cookie, they'd BETTER TASTE good! lol!

Maybe buying her this cringe-worthy toy wasn't such a bad idea. Hey, maybe it will foster a love of cooking, or at least baking! One can only hope! :)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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