Taco Salad Night

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I was so excited when I discovered the girls liked taco salads (or fancy nachos as we sometimes call them). It makes for a fun dinner where the girls can "design" their own salads and it really doesn't take very long to throw together, especially if you make the meat ahead of time. Looks pretty fancy, too.

The taco meat filling was made using 1 lb of Laura's Lean Ground Beef, 2/3 cup water and about 2 Tbsps of MOMables' Make Your Own Taco Seasoning. The toppings here include shredded lettuce, dice tomatoes, organic salsa, dice pickled jalapenos, shredded 3-cheese blend, organic sour cream and organic corn tortilla chips.

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Here are the girls assembling their dinners...

 ...and then enjoying the fruits of their labor. They both decided the cheese and lettuce needed to be much closer to them and brought them to the table. Good job, Little Sis for eating over you plate because taco salads can be messy business.

In this dinner:
  1. Taco Salad
  2. Organic Carrot Sticks
  3. Steamed broccoli 
  4. Chocolate Milk using 2% Organic Milk and MOMables' Homemade Chocolate Syrup
And lastly, here's mine. It's a lighter portion than my usual, but I was heading out to a sand fours volleyball match in high heat and humidity and didn't want to stuff myself too full (though I reaaallllly wanted to)!

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And be sure to check out this MOMables' post on How to store lettuce so it lasts longer. It'll make Taco Salad Night even easier! :)

I'm already looking forward to our next taco night. I think I'll add some black refried beans next time!

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MOMables - for sharing so many delicious and healthy recipes with us!

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