Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie

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Allergy Information: This post contains tree nuts! :)

So of course, I don't make this pie for my kids, but I DO make it for my hubby, only to be eaten after the girls go to bed. :) I happened upon this recipe pre-kids and it is, hands-down, one of our all-time favorite pie recipes in the whole wide world. It's seriously THAT good. I made it once or twice, post-kids, for the holidays when we were hosting family, but honestly, though everyone was so careful, it made me too nervous to have around even though of all tree nuts, pecans are probably the safest to have around this house. Little Sis is severely allergic to peanuts (supposedly tree nuts are ok, but I never dared to test it out especially with so much cross-contamination) and Big Sis is allergic to tree nuts (severely to cashews, pistachios and macadamias - all the yummy ones :( and mildly to a couple others, but pecans and peanuts are ok). ANYWAY....

SO, it sadly no longer makes appearances over the holidays to be shared with friends and family, but it does make occasional night time appearances for the hubby and I to enjoy. On more than one occasion, the hubby has said that we was really in the mood for chocolate chip pecan pie and then guess what? I'd whip one up. Though the baking time is long (close to an hour) it takes less 15 minutes to throw in the oven from start to finish, if you skip the fancy pecan dipped chocolate part, so it's definitely spur-of-the-moment do-able!

So here's the recipe, Pillsbury's Chocolate Pecan Pie. Serve with a dollop (or larger) of homemade whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream and watch out, waistline! Hope you love it too. :)

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