Ham n' Cheese Sliders and Cream Cheese n' Chive Crackers for Lunch

Happy New Year! :)

Wow, is this really my first post of the new year? I've been slack! And the funny thing is, I was going to be more consistent with posting this year. I guess not! So much for new year resolutions! lol.

One thing's for sure... I haven't been posting lunches as much over the past year because, while I've still been making them, like EVERY DAY because the girls haven't wanted to buy lunch for couple years now, I feel like it's been much of the same ol' ol'. Well, I actually have a few things to say about today's lunch, so here's my first post of the year! Let's see if I can still remember how to do this! ;)

Ham and cheese sliders for lunch!

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In this lunch:
  1. Ham and cheese sliders 
  2. Celery and carrots with Marzetti's French Onion Dip 
  3. Deliciously sweet fresh pineapples and grapes 
  4. Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers and Philadelphia Chive and Onion Cream Cheese 
  5. Pirate's Booty 
  6. Clif Kid Protein Bar 
  7. Good ol' H20 in our awesome Simple Modern Stainless Steel 17oz water bottle that keeps water cold ALL DAY LONG!
Yes, this is a pretty big lunch for a 10 year old, but Little Sis noted that I did not pack her enough to eat the other day so I'm making up for it today. I guess there's a reason she's been over 5 feet tall since her mid-nines!
Let's start with these ham and cheese sliders from the Girl Who Ate Everything. They are among BOTH girls' all-time faves. They'll gobble them up each and every time I make them and today, I was just in a gobbly mood. I threw them together in no time flat* and popped 'em in my new-ish Breville toaster oven that I am completely in LOVE with... Voila!!

Ham and cheese sliders for lunch boxes. Super easy and super yummy!

*note (did you notice my * above?): To make this a super easy lunch to prepare quickly in the mornings, I make the poppy seed butter ahead of time and just store it in a Pyrex container in my "sandwich fixin's fridge organizer" and simply use as needed. I've found that it keeps for a good long time. Of course you can assemble the sandwiches the night before and spread the butter and bake in the morning IF you like doing stuff the night before. I don't. lol. See my nifty organizer?

Sandwich fixins fridge organizer - makes for quick and easy lunches in the morning

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Sandwich fixins fridge organizer - makes for quick and easy lunches in the morning

Then I can just grab some bread and yank this bad boy out on sandwich lunch mornings. Makes lunch-packing a wee bit more bearable. ;)

On celery and chip dip: Little Sis started liking and eating celery only recently. Sweet! I've never been a fan of celery myself, but lately, I've been enjoying its crispy, crunchy freshness as a snack and I think it must have rubbed off on her. She particularly enjoys them with chip dip. Chip dip is something she discovered a couple years back. This recent Facebook memory had me laughing about it all over again:

While munching on and really enjoying some Utz potato chips (our fave!) last week with her daddy, Little Sis mused "I wish there was something I could dip these potato chips in. I think it would just taste soooo good." Lol. Poor deprived little thing. lol. Her eyes lit up and she let out a big "MMMMMMMMMMM!" when Daddy gave her some ranch dressing in lieu of actual potato chip dip. lol.

Ok. Next stop: Cheese and crackers. For the longest time, Little Sis has been pining over these Lance cream cheese & chives crackers but has never been able to eat them because they either contain or may contain peanuts. They have always just looked so delicious to her. :(

Then it hit me a few weeks ago when I bought some chive & onion cream cheese for some friends who were visiting for the weekend. They love bagels and cream cheese so I bought a flavor other than plain or strawberry! Paired with whole wheat crackers, they were quite tasty.... and quite a hit with both Little AND Big Sisses. Now Little Sis can enjoy these crackers whenever she wants! :) DUH! Why didn't I think of this sooner?!? ;)

Nut-free cream cheese and chives crackers. A delicious snack for all ages.

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Lastly, when I received this awesome set of picks from Pick Ease about a year ago, I was stoked about the soccer pick, as the girls both spend an abnormal amount of time on the soccer fields but I couldn't care less about the baseball/softball one. I'm not sure that I've ever even used it before! lol.

...but as of like last week, Little Sis has picked up a 3rd sport and is loving it so far. Her daddy randomly signed her up for a town league and she even got a few starter tips from an instructor the other night. We've been told she's a natural and we are all excited to see her try something very new. And also very excited about this pick now! She had a huge grin when she saw it in her lunch today. :)

Ok. That's it! See? I told you I had a couple things to say about this lunch today! ;)

And let it be known that while I haven't been writing up posts nearly as often any more, I do post my lunches much more frequently on Instagram... so check me out there if you wanna see more lunches. And food, in general. lol. See?

Thanks so much for stopping by and please feel free to make my day by leaving me a comment, joining my blog in the top right corner, following My Epicurean Adventures on Facebook or on Instagram - the more the merrier! :)

Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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