Clean-Out-That-Fridge-Veggie Sautees Are Perfect for Breakfast

It's Friday! Which means trash day for us = time to clean out that fridge! I had a bunch of chopped up veggies from Monday that didn't get used up during the week so I just tossed them all in my Lodge Cast Iron skillet with a little grapeseed oil, salt and pepper and sautéed them up for use in omelettes for the next several days. Mmmmm.

In this particular mix are: onions, green peppers, mushrooms, baby spinach and a tomato. Start with a little oil and the onions and green peppers. Make a huge batch, eat some fresh and store the rest in a container (I love using my glass Pyrex storage containers) in the fridge for future use.

Clean-out-that-fridge veggie sautes make omelettes that much quicker and easier to throw together in the mornings. 

Clean-out-that-fridge sautéed veggies & sausage with 2 perfectly fried eggs. I ultimately ended up mixing up the veggies and sausage together which would've made a nicer pic but I was too hungry to mess with it anymore. ;)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Just LOVE my Lodge Cast Iron skillets! Not only are they made in America, I swear, I think they make food taste better and they're built to last!


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Today's Your Day, Little Sis

The girls are done with school and have a whole week off between grades (they are Track 3 in year-round schools) and we made grand plans to spend it with the hubby's entire side of the family in Michigan, cousins and all. There are all sorts of fun things planned and we've been talking it up for months, so of course the girls were beside themselves with excitement, particularly Little Sis...

It figures that I would get a pop-up notification on my phone last night at 11:30pm to tell me my flight was canceled. My 7:30am flight was canceled and they notified me at 11:30pm! Good thing we're not like normal people and weren't already in bed. But at least I GOT a notification! It could have been much worse. I have no idea why it was cancelled, though we have our guesses, because I never actually spoke to anyone in person. About 10 minutes later, I got an automated call with our re-booked flight info... for the day after! All that was after they changed our return flight and snuck in a 5 hour layover without even telling us! Poor Little Sis is going to be devastated.

Come this morning, I found it really hard to muster the courage to wake this little sweetie up only to tell her our flight to Michigan's been cancelled and re-booked for tomorrow but we need to still drive Daddy and Big Sis to theirs (we used frequent flyer miles which ended up splitting us on separate flights and airlines). ‪#‎americanairlinesyousuck‬ 

*Oops, just got busted. Little Sis saw this picture of her up on my Facebook page and was NOT happy about it. lol. From now on, no posting sleeping pictures of her, sniff, sniff.

I'm happy to report that although she did breakdown into a heartbreaking cry for about 5 minutes, she snapped out of it and was in pretty good spirits and as smiley as can be. But she wouldn't let me take a picture to prove it... haha.

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