A Suddenly Salad Summer

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Summer is upon us, along with the many cookouts, beach trips, outdoor concerts, picnics and other food eating events that go along with it. :) One of my favorite summer fun foods is a yummy pasta salad. It just screams summer and goes great with just about anything! That's why I was eager to take part in Betty Crocker's #SuddenlySaladSummer campaign and host a $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. Woo hoo! 

Soooooo many super easy and delicious pasta salads AND a $20 Amazon Giveaway (ends July 12, 2016)! Make it a #SuddenlySaladSummer! :)

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In fact, just this past weekend, the whole family went to an outdoor concert where we listened to the music of David Bowie accompanied by the NC Symphony with good friends. I spent the morning and early afternoon on a family bike ride/lunch which was a great time, but by the time I got home, very little time was left for concert food prepping. DOH!

Soooooo many super easy and delicious pasta salads AND a $20 Amazon Giveaway (ends July 12, 2016)! Make it a #SuddenlySaladSummer! :)

Lucky for me, I just happened to have some Betty Crocker Suddenly Pasta Salads on hand to save the day. I had picked up a few varieties from my local Publix and opted for the Ranch and Bacon variety. Get some money saving coupons from Publix here.

I only wish that someone would have reminded me to actually take it with us to the concert that night! Oh well. You can't win 'em all. Here's the meal we were *supposed* to have enjoyed that night: wraps and pasta salad. Instead our wraps were lonely. haha.

Soooooo many super easy and delicious pasta salads AND a $20 Amazon Giveaway (ends July 12, 2016)! Make it a #SuddenlySaladSummer! :)

Betty Crocker's Suddenly Pasta Salads really do go great with just about anything. Here's our dinner from the other night... perfectly seasoned and cooked/grilled brats care of the hubby with corn on the cob, fresh green beans, steamed and some Suddenly Pasta Salad Bacon Ranch. Big Sis wasn't quite a fan of this variety but the rest of us liked it just fine. Little Sis and I did the most eating of it. lol.

Soooooo many super easy and delicious pasta salads AND a $20 Amazon Giveaway (ends July 12, 2016)! Make it a #SuddenlySaladSummer! :)

Tonight's dinner was pulled rotisserie chicken with some baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli and a Martin's potato roll. I thought the Classic variety would go really well with this dinner and thankfully, the family agreed. All four of us though it was really tasty and agreed it was our favorite so far.

Soooooo many super easy and delicious pasta salads AND a $20 Amazon Giveaway (ends July 12, 2016)! Make it a #SuddenlySaladSummer! :)

I jazzed up my Suddenly Pasta Salad Classic by following the directions on the box and added 1/2 cup of sliced grape tomatoes, 1/4 cup shredded carrots and 1/4 shredded mozzarella to it. Delicious!

Soooooo many super easy and delicious pasta salads AND a $20 Amazon Giveaway (ends July 12, 2016)! Make it a #SuddenlySaladSummer! :)

Pasta salads work great in lunches, too! Here's a leftover wrap and pasta salad for lunch the next day:

And a hot dog lunch the day after that:

And one last lunch, at home on the day after their last day of school (for a week)! lol.

And now it's time for a giveaway!

Soooooo many super easy and delicious pasta salads AND a $20 Amazon Giveaway (ends July 12, 2016)! Make it a #SuddenlySaladSummer! :)

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Let's celebrate summer and Betty Crocker's Suddenly Pasta Salads with this $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! Good luck!

To enter...

1. Simply visit this link to check out what different Suddenly {Pasta} Salad varieties are available and get some money-saving coupons.

2. Then leave me a blog post telling me which variety YOU'd buy and what you would serve your Suddenly Pasta Salad with. Don't forget to leave me an email where I can contact you should you be the lucky winner!

Good luck!!!

NOTE: You must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner will be chosen via random.org and will be contacted via email upon giveaway completion so be sure to leave your email addresses! :) Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at midnight EST.

And the winner is....

Thanks so much for stopping by and please feel free to make my day by leaving me a comment, joining my blog in the top right corner, following My Epicurean Adventures on Facebook or on Instagram - the more the merrier! :)

Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Kimberly Walker said...

We like pasta salad with grilled chicken, or sliced chicken sandwiches! kimsfunstuff@rocketmail.com
Thanks for the chance!

jschla said...

Love pasta salad with grilled fish! Jessica.schlamp@gmail.com

Lisa Brown said...

I would serve pasta salad with vegetarian meat substitute "hamburger" patties.
thanks for the chance.
jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

Elena said...

I would serve pasta salad with BBQ chicken

elena150980 at yahoo dot com

1froglegs said...

I like the Southwest style ranch variety. It comes with crunched up tortilla chips, so it goes great side with any Mexican dish. asotv@aol.com

HS said...

I would like to get Suddenly Pasta Salad Caesar and serve it with grilled potatoes and chicken. kraftmaking at gmail dot com

Julie Wood said...

We love Suddenly Salad. So easy to make and delicious! I would get the Ranch and Bacon flavor and make it with my barbecue ribs and corn on the cob. Yummy!

my email-jewelwood55(at)gmail(dot)com

Shelly Peterson said...

I would try the Ranch and Bacon pasta salad and serve it with steak.
cshell090869 at aol dot com

Amy Orvin said...

Email: 2dogs5catscrew@att.net

I would buy the Creamy Italian and serve it with pork chops and green beans.

latanya t said...

I would get the Betty Crocker™ Suddenly Salad® ranch & bacon pasta salad mix and try the Black and Blue Pasta Salad with Steak

dlatany at gmail dot com

Lauren said...

I would serve the Classic salad with hot dogs.

laborders2000 said...

We love the Southwest Style with grilled chicken added to it. It is perfect to take with us on picnics. laborders2000@yahoo.om

Susan Christy said...

I would serve the creamy parmesan with grilled pork chops and asparagus.

♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

I would serve the Chipotle Ranch Suddenly Salad with grilled hot sausages and potatoes
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

LauraJJ said...

Oh I would love to try their Tuscan Style Tomato Suddenly Salad! Looks so yummy! I would love to make it to go with some brats and corn on the cob on the grill! Would be so delicious! I love making the cold pasta salads during the summer!
landfjacobson @ charter .net

Julie Raye-Rod. said...

I’ll definitely be making the bacon and ranch suddenly salad. I would serve it with chicken

showstopper474 at gmail dot com

Julie said...

i'd love the greek pasta

julimi at aol dot com

Tracie Michelle Cooper said...

I would love to try the Greek flavor and serve it with grilled chicken! My email is traciemichelle0515 at gmail dot com

Shannon Carino said...

We love the Creamy Macaroni variety! I doctor it up with extra cheese, ham, and bacon. :)

Sarah Green said...

I love the ranch and bacon one, it's great with grilled burgers on the back porch! sarahgreen08@gmail.com

Amanda said...

I would try the Greek variety and serve it alongside our favorite Greek foods. amanda@bentoninja.net

Myra of Mommy+Me Lunchbox said...

We love the Ranch and Bacon! I would add more veggies and maybe chunks of cooked chicken to make it a complete easy meal! :)

Amy Masterson said...

I'd get the new Tuscan grain one and serve it with grilled chicken and roasted corn.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd make the bacon and ranch and add chicken to it, then serve it with broc. Dev would love it!
Auntie Kris. :)

mijulin said...

I would make the creamy italian and serve it with steak

mijulin at cox dot net

Lynn Gardner said...

I'd make the Southwest Style Ranch Suddenly Salad with fajita spice-rubbed grilled chicken breasts. Have you tried any of the Suddenly Grain salads? I noticed them at the warehouse store last week, but wasn't brave enough to commit.

lindilala said...

I’d love to try the greek salad and pair with salmon!
Lindilala at aol dot com

Nikki Zavala said...

Yummy. I made the Classic Suddenly Pasta salad mix for my baby shower! I would definitely remake it with a side of cranberry pecan chicken salad. I also added cubes of Pepper jack cheese into the pasta to add a little spice to the meal!


Shannon QUALLS said...

The Greek variety with grilled kabobs! Now I'm hungry....

Donna said...

the black and blue pasta looks amazing with a side of salad and salmon.

linjumimom at aol dot com

Ilya said...

Those dinners look attractive and colorful.

Christine Yoon-Taylor said...

Thank you so much, Ilya!