Fit & Fresh Lunch Box Set Review and Giveaway

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I was excited to receive more awesome Fit & Fresh products to review (see my last one: Fit & Fresh Bento Kit for Kids Review). This set is versatile and would be great for adults and kids alike!

Giveaway includes ONE of each of the following items:
  1. Retro Insulated Lunch Bag with Reusable Ice Pack - $14.99
  2. Leak-proof Divided Meal Carrier - $10
  3. Dip N' Dunk Snack Container (single container) - $3.98
  4. 28 oz Jaxx Shaker Bottle - $9.99
Let's start with the bag. It's thick, it's insulated and it's big so it can hold a lot. It comes with an ice pack and has a snap that you can close when it's not full. But if you leave it open, you can put a ton of things in it. Though the pattern shown here is no longer available, you can choose from many other fabulous designs as seen here Retro Insulated Lunch Bag with Reusable Ice Pack on Fit and Fresh's website. 

Next, the meal carrier set includes a lunch box container and lid. The lunch box itself is divided into 3 compartments: one large 3-cup compartment and 2 small 0.75 cup compartments. The lid is leak-proof and holds two removable ice packs, one large, one small, that snaps right into the lid.

Here are some of the biggest PRO's for me:
  1. The bento box is compact yet can hold quite a bit of food. The way the box is shaped and divided, there is no wasted space in it. There is a LOT of room to work with which makes it pretty versatile.
  2. The divided box helps keep food separated - a big must for Big Sis! And the compartments are plenty big for favorite sides and snacks.
  3. I love how big the large compartment is. There's room to hold a regular sized sandwich with plenty of space around the sides to pack even more stuff in, using fun silicone cup dividers. This way, you can easily turn it into a 4-5-6 way divided lunch box!
  4. Allows me to pack virtually waste-free (ie trashless) lunches. This is of paramount importance to me!! I constantly strive to reduce-reuse-recycle. This is my way of reducing and reusing.
  5. Allows me to make the girls' lunches interesting and fun yet so easy to pack. People always think I spend SO much time making lunches, when in fact it only takes 10-15 mins TOPS to make two! I would never want to spend more than that on them, yet bento boxes just make 'em look fancy, like you've spent an hour on them. lol.
  6. This easy-access lunch kit makes it easier for my girls to eat lunch in the short amount of time they are given in school. It's all just right there in front of 'em!
And along with the pros, here are a few CON's to keep in mind:
  1. Although the lid to the bento box is leak-proof, the divided compartments are not leak-proof to each other, particularly between the two small compartments. If you're like me and don't always use ice packs, there is about a centimeter-sized gap between the top of the lid and the top of the lunch box dividers of the two small compartments. Here, small-sized snacks or crumbs may find their way into the other compartment.
  2. The ice packs are a neat idea. It's cool how they fit into compartments in the lid, but I find that I don't use them that way very often because it's just one more thing for me to wash since they come into contact w/ the food. If you're not lazy like me, then use as is. They help keep a tighter fit to the lid, as well as keep food chilled. But if you ARE like me, just put them on top of the lid and only wash 'em once in a while. lol.
  3. Lastly, the ice packs can be a bit of a challenge to get in and out sometimes.
Now it's the Dip n' Dunk snack container's turn. It holds one cup of fruits or veggies and the leak-proof lid has a built-in dip container that holds 2 tablespoons of dip/dressing/sauces in addition to a snap-in ice pack that keeps the dips cold. This is THE PERFECT solution for packing one of Little Sis' favorite lunch items: tomatoes and mozzarella with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Packing the tomatoes and cheese is easy, but that oil mixture is tricky. With this system, I can pack it as often as she likes! (or at least as often as we have the items on hand).

Here's a lunch I packed for Little Sis in our divided lunch box. Plenty of room for a lot of food, which is exactly what that growing girl needs! The removable ice packs fit snugly in the top and are pretty cool.

My Epicurean Adventures: Lunch box ideas, school lunch ideas, lunches

In this lunch:
  1. Slider sandwiches using leftover Thanksgiving dinner rolls, turkey and some corned beef and cheese to keep things interesting. :) 
  2. Veggie Straws 
  3. Sugar Snap Peas 
  4. Strawberries 
  5. Tomatoes and mozzarella with olive oil and balsamic vinegar 
Last, we have the Jaxx Shaker 28 oz bottle. The hubby and I make lots of smoothies for lunch. I often pack mine to-go to have while I'm out running errands. The water bottle I use now isn't large enough to hold the amount of smoothie I end up making. This Jaxx bottle holds more so no more chugging what won't fit or leftover smoothies in the fridge. It comes with a Jaxx agitator to help mix your drink and the leak-proof drinking cap is great. Pictured here is my Orange Banana Smoothie with Spinach.

Product Description: The Jaxx mixing system is the easiest way to mix and enjoy your favorite protein shake, weight loss supplements or even lemonade or baby formula for your little one. The key is the Jaxx agitator designed to powerfully mix even the thickest powdered drink or smoothie. No clogs, clumps or leaks!

Check out Fit & Fresh's Shaker Bottles and tell me which color YOU would choose!

All lunch box pieces are BPA & PVC-Free and the ice packs are non-toxic and freezer safe. Plastic containers are microwave, freezer and top rack dishwasher safe!

And they all fit so nicely in the bag!

And finally... here's the giveaway!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Great review and giveaway. Thank you!

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This would be great for my hubby's lunch.

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I would use this for my daughter or myself!

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I would use this for my son but I would steal it for myself sometimes! :-)

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I would use it. I love bentos.

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I'd use this for my kids!

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Forget the (5)kids, this is cute I will use it for myself ;)

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Hi Christine! I love this lunch box set! I would totally use it for myself!

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I totally use it for myself

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Thanks for the great giveaway! I would probably use this for my kids and the shaker for myself!

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I would use it for myself and for my kids, we all pack lunches. Thank you for this opportunity!

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so cool! I love new water bottles :-)