Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

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Today was one of those days that screamed CROCK POT to make dinner. Busy day with a busy evening of soccer, so I needed something quick and easy. I went to my Pinterest - Yummy Stuff Crock Pot Recipes Board and perused it for something different and something yummy. I ran across  Rita May's recipe for Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili and decided that this was the one. Instead of one whole chicken breast, I threw in two. Instead of Rotel, I used Muir Glen's Organic Unsalted Diced tomatoes and because I didn't have canned corn on hand, I just used frozen Cascadian Farm's Organic Corn. Everything else was as is, per recipe.

It was super easy to make and I have to say, reeeaaaaaaallly yummy AND pretty. Do you think so, too?

Little Sis, the hubby and I had ours on soft corn tortillas while Big Sis had hers in burrito form with a little spinach, rice and cheese, too. Oh wait, I had one of those, too. OOH! I have to share with you that the other day while eating some plain Greek yogurt the other day, it dawned me that it tasted just like sour cream, so yesterday I decided to do the ol' switcheroo on the girls and just flat out replaced sour cream with Fage 2% plain greek yogurt and they never even noticed the difference. Yay!!! Love that they are getting a little bit of extra protein now!

Here's a look at the soft corn tortilla version. The chicken chili was topped with chopped spinach, cheese and fresh tomatoes. Though Little Sis did not like the looks of the black beans in it, her eyes got wide opened and she let out a long mmmmmmmm after her first bite. She quickly devoured hers and promptly asked for a second. I guess it's a winner in her book! The much pickier Big Sis reallly wasn't happy about the beans so after eating about half, we let her pick the rest of the beans out. She, too, finished her burrito with the help of some Trader Joe's organic white corn chips. That's a win in my book. :)

The hubby's version had diced jalapenos and fresh cilantro as well. We all had a side of broccoli. Tonight the girls' had theirs steamed with some butter and a little salt to change things a but a bit from our usual steamed and salted. It was soooooo good, that Little Sis asked for seconds on that, too! I guess she was hungry after soccer practice! And Big Sis finished hers without much prodding, so yay again! :)

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So the next time you need a quick and yummy dinner, pull out that crock pot and throw this one together! You won't be sorry!

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Christina Behnke said...

Looks yummy! I will have to try the sour cream switched for plain Greek yogurt but mostly for me cause I'm the only one who really likes to have it. It really completes nachos/tacos in my opinion, my boys could do without it!

happyvballgirl said...

I'm the same way, Christina - no nachos/tacos are complete w/o it! Well, any mexican food for that matter! :) Thanks so much for stopping by! <3

Jennifer Tammy said...

This looks delish! Featuring you today on What Kids Eat Wednesdays!