Here's Lunch #19: Korean BiBimBap To Go

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Heeeeeere's lunch! :) MY lunch. And I was sooooo hungry for this today that I actually ate it at 10:30am. :) I guess that's what happens when you skip breakfast (bad Mommy) because you are busy running around. Boy, did it hit the spot. And let me add that not only is this lunch delicious, it's pretty darn healthy as well, made with brown rice and a ton of veggies: green peppers, carrots, zucchini, onions, kale and mushrooms in addition to some Korean Beef BBQ aka Bulgogi and a fried egg to top it off. And though BiBimBap isn't quick and easy to make the first time around, the leftovers sure are! :)

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In this lunch:
  1. Korean BiBimBap
  2. Sugar Snap Peas from Trader Joe's
  3. Organic Grape Tomatoes from Trader Joe's
Click here for more yummy Korean food recipes from my blog.  :)

* "Here's Lunch" is a series of lunch posts for those days when I really don't have more to say than "Here's lunch". :)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Keitha said...

That looks delicious!

happyvballgirl said...

Thanks so much, Keitha! :)

Anna Adden said...

Looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing at Leftovers on Fridays

Em said...

I miss Korean food.