Here's Lunch #14: Breakfast Burrito for Lunch

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Heeeeeere's lunch! :) Little Sis loves a good breakfast burrito - for breakfast or lunch! This was per request. And FYI: this lunch was super quick to make, especially when you keep cooked bacon in the freezer. Just crumble it up frozen and toss is in the pan as your frying your egg. Easy peasy!

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In this lunch:
  1. Breakfast burrito w/ eggs, shredded cheese and crumbled bacon
  2. Doctor Yum's Homemade Granola "Bar"
  3. Archer Farms Raspberry Lemonade Fruit Stick (called Simply Balanced now)
  4. Annie's Homegrown Organic Cheddar Bunnies
  5. Fresh strawberries and pineapple
* "Here's Lunch" is a series of lunch posts for those days when I really don't have more to say than "Here's lunch". :)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

1 comment:

Rebecca W said...

Okay, so bad idea for me to hop online before eating breakfast today!! Your lunch looks amazing. I love the tip to keep cooked bacon in the freezer. I've never thought to do that!! That granola bar is making me drool!! Thank you for linking to 15 Minute Fridays!