My "Sick with a Cold" Lunch

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Well, I'm sick w/ just a run-of-the-mill cold that barely phased Big Sis but has knocked me down a little bit and still not feeling much better after 4+ days. Nuthin' major, though. 

Saturday just tired me out w/ a day of soccer games/end of season parties, playgrounds, lawn mowing and even a neighborhood yard sale that the girls JUST HAD to go through. Here are some of their treasures:

Not sure what Big Sis is gonna do w/ that pink tree or flower frame box, but she loves 'em! Not pictured was her Kung Zhu pet. Little Sis was pretty ecstatic about her sandals and Scooby Doo Movie and just couldn't believe she got them BOTH for $2. It was so cute to see how much they loved using their own money to buy this "special stuffses" that it was worth the energy and getting caught in a little rain on the walk home. :)

But I didn't play my cards right because by the end of the day, I was pooped out and feeling worse which meant missing out on a fun night w/ neighbors. The hubby and the girls still got to enjoy lots of yummy food w/ and camaraderie while I ate Ramen w/ egg out of the pot and fell asleep on the couch while watching Louis C.K. Live. That made for some odd little dreams. haha!

Yesterday, I was feeling a little better, though I sounded pretty horrible. Hubby was and has been so good to me, letting me sleep in and take it easy while he's been busy takin' care of the girls. He even took the girls and two of their friends out to lunch and bowling all by himself and they all had a blast. Wow. I owe that man big time. 

Like I said, I was feeling better, so while they were gone, instead of R&R, I spent my free time cleaning my shower so we could FINALLY use it again after being out of commission from recaulking it a couple weeks ago (don't ask why it took me SO long), dusting, vacuuming, tiding, laundering, etc. :) I'd been majorly slack and had some major makin' up to do! Plus, we had arranged a babysitter earlier in the week so we could go watch Star Trek Into Darkness and grab dinner and since I was only blowing my nose once every 2 hours now and wasn't hacking up a lung (yet), we pressed on. And wow, what and AWESOME movie! I grew up watching just about anything Star Trek you'd throw at me, from the original series to the movies (minus the 1st one - just can't do the first one) through Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise, this was way more awesome than I could ever expect. :)

Well, I woke up today feeling worse and way groggy. Not sure if the cold has taken a turn for the worst or lingering effects of the Nyquil I took last night, but I still feel all slow and out of it. After a morning appointment, I stopped in at Trader Joe's to pick up a couple things, but all I could think about was going home to take a nap... and food. I ALMOST opted for a quick bite at Wendy's - been on a big Jr. Cheese Deluxe (no onions), Chili and fries kick lately. Mmmmm. But my healthier senses won out because this just sounded better to me: tomato Soup and grilled ham and cheese. Yum. Somehow the thought of tomato soup helped fight off the urge to nap. Now it's time for me to savor my lunch while sitting in front of the TV catching up on The Mindy Project's Season Finale. :) Ahhhh.... and THEN take my nap. :)

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In this lunch:
  1. Grilled ham and cheese on Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread and Applegate Ham and Trader Joe's Meunster Cheese
  2. Side of organic carrots
  3. Organic Blackberries
  4. Trader Joe's Organic Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup (Low Sodium)
That's it! Off to enjoy my lunch now! Have a great day and stay healthy! :)

Shout Outs:
Nature's Own - for providing such a large variety of healthy, yummy breads!

Applegate for providing natural (and organic varieties, too) nitrate-free yet oh-so-convenient pre-packaged deli meats. Check out my FB post professing my love for them: FB post professing my love for Applegate :)

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)


Jenn Christ said...

Yummy lunch! Sorry to hear you've been feeling so poorly! What a good daddy to take the girls out for lunch and bowling! I am dying to see Into Darkness!! :D

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I love applegate too! I made lasagna yesterday with their chicken slices as my lasagna noodles - so good and no carbs!